4 Bitcoin Price Predictions on 1st January 2020

4 Bitcoin Price Predictions on 1st January 2020

BTC Peers team
BTC Peers team

1. Pascal Thellmann, CEO of CoinDiligent (a platform providing reviews and guides for cryptocurrency investors)
I think that by January 1st, 2020, Bitcoin will be trading close to $8k.In my opinion, the recent China-related price action in Bitcoin was an overreaction by the market. Both China's announcement of Blockchain adoption and the subsequent crypto crackdown in Shanghai do not justify a significantly different Bitcoin price. My thesis is that by early January the market will have realized this and that Bitcoin will be trading close to $8k again.

2. Aqsa Tabassam, Senior Growth Marketer at Brandnic.com (The largest brand name marketplace)
Bitcoin opened its account in 2018 with a high of $13,290 and closed the year at about $3,800. This represents a 72% loss overall. It gained more institutional support in the form of Bakkt and Fidelity, which played their role in bringing closer cryptocurrency to traditional investors.

However, in 2019 Bitcoin opened it at $3,700 but climbed up by almost 60% (as of today) and is currently hovering around $7,269. As now on the verge of 2020, we are seeing Bitcoin entering the mainstream of fintech. After getting the endorsements by the Chinese president, Bitcoin seems to gain its lost glory in 2020, even with more force. It is expected that Bitcoin will start in 2020 by reaching $10k.

3. Mr. Steve Tsou, Global CEO of RRMine (A Global Distributed Bitcoin Hashrate Asset Management and Trading Platform)
’Bitcoin Halving’ will happen at May 2020, based on historical experience, Bitcoin market price will start its reaction serval months before it actually happened. I believe Bitcoin price will be over $10,000at Jan 2020, and I want to remind everyone, when ’Bitcoin Halving’ happened, Bitcoin miners always choose to hold their Bitcoin and wait for the Bitcoin price fly, which means balance between supply and demand will change dramatically. RRMineis ready for ‘Bitcoin Halving’ market, our advanced Hashrate standardization technology enables our platform to provide stable services to our users. I believe 2020 is the year of Bitcoin, both miners and traders are expecting it.

4. John Frigo Digital Marketing Lead MySupplementStore.Com
On January 1, 2020 Bitcoin will be at $7100. Bitcoin’s climb back up to 14k earlier this year was welcome, but seemingly for no reason. I expected this past summer to be an exciting time for Bitcoin with Bakkt futures rolling out and organizations like Fidelity and eTrade talking about offering crypto. Unfortunately, this summer was pretty uneventful. Binance.Com kicking off US users didn’t help, forced a lot of people out of the altcoin market which in turn hurts BTC prices and crypto prices as a whole. There’s really nothing super exciting or newsworthy on the horizon to prop up the price and going into the Holiday season when people are trying to dump for tax purposes or to buy Christmas gifts or pay down debt I expect the price to fall a bit more.

The predictions are guesses at best, which is not supposed to think as financial advice.