4 Crypto Marketing Tips From Experts

4 Crypto Marketing Tips From Experts

BTC Peers team
BTC Peers team

1. Paul Cliffe, CEO of Block Venture Project - a firm who specializes in helping UHNW clients gain exposure to digital assets.

Don’t fake it. 2016-17, we saw a lot of projects buying in Twitter and Telegram followers to imply they had a huge community backing their project. Investors are more experienced now and can see past such tactics - a lack of engagement is the clearest clue, but even with better ‘bot accounts’ following your project, fake engagement is easy to see through.

2.  Zack Reboletti, a self-employed marketing consultant specializing in helping businesses grow using SEO and content marketing.

Write really great content that answers questions your prospective
customers are asking online. To find these questions, use a free tool like
Answer the public [https://answerthepublic.com/], which generates ideas from
Google auto-suggest. From there, simply pick a question, write a really
thorough answer to it (nicely formatted, with images) and publish it on
your website. Do one of these a week for the next 3 - 6 months and you may
be surprised at the traffic it brings!

3. Gary Simpson, Managing Partner and Board Member at MySEOSucks and the SearchEye platform

High-Value Outreach to Crypto Based Publications: In order to engage an extremely targeted audience, you must put the ICO in front of investor's eyes. Pin-pointing the publications where investors are actively engaging in can be pivotal to an ICO's success. Also, syndicating branded press releases and write-ups across many crypto-related publications creates a lot of touchpoints that appeal to potential investors who may see the write up on multiple platforms.

4. HenryStanley, CEO of Biggest IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) List ICOAxiom.com

What I would suggest is to focus your marketing efforts to where people go for ico and crypto news, the large publications. You want to focus on the people who have invested in ICOs before and are more likely to do so again.

My other tip, be transparent and open, hold video chats with potential investors, let them ask you questions. There is a lot of fraud in the space, transparency goes a long way.