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How To Start Your Career As A Software Developer In A Blockchain Startup

Blockchain started with Bitcoin in 2009, and now it has grown a body of its own. It has many more applications than just cryptocurrencies, and it is transforming almost every industry. That’s why many Blockchain startups have been founded since then, and they are looking to snatch the best

Binance Charity Donates $20,000 to the Victims of Beirut Explosion

Two weeks ago, Beirut, Lebanon, was the site of two massive explosions involving fertilizer chemicals.While the authorities and those on the scene are trying to organize, donations have started to arrive.The charge was led by Lebanon expats who used crypto, and followed by Binance who donated $20k.A

AAX Announces the First Summer Flash Sale of AAB, its Native Exchange Token

AAX, the popular Crypto Exchange has announced a Summer Flash Sale for the first time. The participants can benefit from it as AAX is offering a 50% change to a maximum of 2000 participants on the purchase of AAB tokens. AAB token is the native token of the AAX exchange.

5 Situations Where You Should Buy Life Insurance

Getting life insurance doesn't seem like an important thing to most people, but it can be of crucial importance for their family in case something bad happens to them. Nobody likes to think about it, but we all come with an expiration date, and when we die, we should ensure

Are Cryptocurrency Exchanges Regulated?

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular around the world. As more and more people put their trust in DeFi systems and currencies, the pressure to regulate this new form of finance increases. But is the exchange of crypto regulated? And if so, then how? Let’s shed some light on regulation

Blockchain Security And The Successful Interoperability of Systems

The blockchain is also known as a tech ledger on which the Bitcoin network runs smoothly, in other words, experts consider it to be a shared, decentralized and unrestricted ledger. The most basic level description is that blockchain is just an uncomplicated chain of blocks where the digital information is

Coronavirus Exposes The Flaw With Sharing Economy Platforms And How Decentralization Can Fix The Sector

A few months ago, things were going great within the sharing economy sector. Uber and fellow ride-sharing competitors were dominating the ground transportation while Airbnb was outperforming even the world's biggest hotel brands when it came to the number of rooms rented and even consumer spending. There were new startups