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An Overview of Top 5 Most Interesting and Technological Financial Projects of 2020

Recent years have seen a significant evolution in financial projects as emerging tech popped up to complement existing market ecosystems. Much of this change was triggered by the 2008 financial crisis; it was barely a year later that Bitcoin was born. Since then, technological financial projects have become more common

Nominex Exchange to Offer up to 2000$ Bonus for Users Who Will Leave The Coinbase

Cryptocurrency exchange Nominex will pay +20% of the sum of a deposit for users who decide to leave Coinbase. It's worth noting that Nominex has NO KYC on all amounts under 3BTC. This comes after reports of a massive exodus of users who are extremely unhappy about Coinbase selling licenses

Sensorium's SENSO Token Arrives on a Leading Exchange,

An AI, VR, and entertainment content solution developer, Sensorium Corporation, recently saw its token reach the crypto exchange. is one of the largest crypto asset platforms in the world, and as such, adding Sensorium (SENSO) among its supported coins looks like a huge step in the

Hacker Noon is Set to Send Micropayments to Readers as it Raises $1 Million From Coil

Hacker Noon the technology content community is set to transfer micropayments to its readers. Sources say that Hacker Noon announced a $1 million investment by Coil A San Francisco California-based Startup. Coil was created to monetize content for creators. Users also get the best content available via Coil's programs and

Kava is Set to Introduce DeFi Lending to Binance BNB Holders

Decentralized finance lender Kava has just introduced DeFi Lending to BNB holders. This historic decision occurred after a vote by the Kava community. Sources say that community members voted to add BNB as the first token on the platform. This has brought about a new partnership between Kava and Binance.

Now That the Defi Markets are Nearing $1 Billion Status What Will Happen Next?

The decentralized finance (DeFi) markets reached an all-time-high of almost $1 billion. As this is happening, many within the crypto space are trying to understand the hidden factors driving this surge. Firstly, Ethereum (ETH) prices are on the upside. The second most popular cryptocurrency is nearing highs of $250. At

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest In 2020

With more than 5,000 digital assets presently available in the crypto market, it is a tad difficult to identify the best cryptocurrency to invest in. Due to this hurdle, we have put together a summary of the cryptocurrencies promising impressive investment returns in 2020 and beyond. But first, let’