Robo Advisor: A new invention in the crypto world

The effects of AI can be seen in almost every domain nowadays. Then how could the crypto world be left behind? The technology is entering into this industry in the form of a Robo Advisor. Robo Advisors, in general, are automated and algorithm-based tools that can help a person manage their investments. These advisors take both the market conditions and user requirements into consideration before providing the suggestions for investments in certain assets. However, this conc


Bitcoin fell from all-time high, unable to hit the anticipated value of $20,000

When we talk about cryptocurrencies, bitcoin is the first name that comes to our mind. The coin has been known for its sharp ups and downs in the market. So, keeping on convention, it again hit a new record high on Monday with a value of $19,850 by surging up almost 7-8%. Bitcoin was approaching $20,000 amidst the skepticism over the intense rally of the cryptocurrency. The digital asset fell for the second day on December 2, 2020, experiencing a 1.2% drop, and it now stand


Valour Brings In The Very First Zero-Fee Bitcoin ETP (Exchange-Traded Product)

The recent record-breaking highs of Bitcoin has made it to the top crypto news everywhere. However, this didn’t affect Bitcoin’s popularity because it was already the king of the crypto markets with its large values. And the good news for all traders now is that there is a platform where they can use Bitcoins without any management fees. Valour, a Swizz-based investment product creator that also offers exposure to new and innovative technologies, recently announced the laun