Best Social Media For Building a Crypto Community

The crypto community has an affinity for specific social networks, which should inform you on the channel of communication that best suits your project. One such channel is Reddit. Your advertisement on Reddit will generate more traffic than the ones you post on Instagram or Facebook. The same is true for LinkedIn.

Likewise, it is advisable to create an active thread on Bitcointalk, as the quality of your discussion will determine the level of buzz your project creates. Remember that investors are on the lookout for your propensity to attract a strong following.

Twitter, on the other hand, is a chatterbox for the crypto audience. You get to push your project to opinionated crypto enthusiasts, venture capitalists, and established companies. Also, you could infuse built-in advertising layouts and promote your publications, press mentions, and reviews to a larger demographic.

Furthermore, you can create a Wikipedia and BitcoinWiki page for your startup and project. Doing this will increase your ratings on ICO tracking platforms, which is another free means of spreading the word about your project.

Telegram is by far the most utilized communication channel in the crypto space. It is a vital channel to communicate information regarding your upcoming crowdfunding campaign. Here, you can create chatrooms to interact directly with your audience, and it is also a good source for feedback and queries.

However, do not forget that you owe your burgeoning community quick and appropriate feedback to queries and questions. Hence, as your community increases in size, so also should the size of your community management team.

Lastly, do not shy away from the responsibility that comes with managing a community. For one, enlighten your members on ways to identify and evade scammers who intend to use your brand to dupe your users.

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