DOLZ: The Metaverse for Adult Content

The crypto space has seen the growth and adoption of NFTs, spanning from avatars to collectibles and in-game assets. NFTs are an essential part of metaverses, serving several functions. Having seen the increase of different P2E games, Totem Media brings adult content and multiplayer games to the metaverse. Totem Media has been around for over 20 years, building an ecosystem for collectors and gamers. It launched VirtuaGirl, an adult internet software in 1999 and was renamed in 2016 to iStripper.

It released VR paradise, a virtual reality gaming and adult content metaverse, in 2018.

To reach a wider crowd and expand its market, DOLZ was created in 2021.

DOLZ is an 18+ rated metaverse developed to distribute adult content in the virtual world. It features attributes that gamers and NFT collectors can leverage in playing, watching, earning, and collecting NFTs. It has been audited by

The $DOLZ token presale will start in May 24; the round 1 is limited to 1 000 participants, their whitelist is already opened if you are interested.

DOLZ Overview

DOLZ comprises NFTs like iStripper, VR Paradise, and Partners NFTs. The iStripper collection is a collection of adult cards created and owned by users. It has been in existence since 1998 with over  300k users. Each card gives holders access to a 40-minute erotic show. It ranks from common to legendary, combined with exclusive perks. The VR Paradise collection is a group of 3D NFTs needed in owning a strip club and designing characters in VR Paradise. It has been on sale on Steam (Top sales on SteamVR) since 2018 with over 150k users. It is required for building and managing galleries in the upcoming adult content metaverse and multiplayer game.

Those two ecosystems and the ecosystems of our historical partners will be the foundations of the metaverse. With over 5M collectibles sold yearly, Totem Media is "blockchainising" its ecosystem to accommodate its customers of over 15 years with more than 5000 cards. 60% of these customers are American who can't participate in the presale, same for the Chinese customers.

Partners NFTs include those created by partners and individuals. DOLZ would oversee releasing and distributing these NFTs. iStripper cards give users access to exclusive shows and content, discounts, ultra-rare strip shows, VR shows, and unique software skins. DOLZ plans to launch an NFT strip-shows collection on its software that DOLZ holders can have access to.

The platform is powered by the DOLZ token and gives the community access to some peculiarities and perks. Holders would enjoy exclusive perks in the ecosystem, including previews, discounts, unique content, and exclusive NFT collections. NFT mystery boxes of different rarities, varying from ordinary to legendary, can be traded in its marketplace to earn DOLZ and other crypto assets.

This Marketplace allows users to trade and exchange their DOLZ NFTs for $DOLZ or other crypto assets. The VR Museum is a VR showroom given to DOLZ collectors to showcase their unique possessions for others to see. It kept public or private and customized to suit the owner. The platform has a section where creators can make and launch their NFTs into the DOLZ metaverse and game.

Earnings and Tokenomics

Players, collectors, and developers earn rewards for their activities on the platform. They earn BabyDolz for interacting with Dolz games and apps. Users also earn BabyDolz for viewing iStripper programs. BabyDolz can't be traded, instead it is used for rewarding members of the DOLZ ecosystem. It unlocks unique NFTs, which can be traded for stablecoins or $DOLZ on the secondary marketplace.

Similarly, $DOLZ can be staked or used as liquidity provider to earn BabyDolz and access unique NFTs for daily rewards. Fan tokens are governance assets that users use in voting on experiences on the app, games, and metaverse. They can also vote for their favorite model, VR Paradise strip club map, iStripper details, etc. Fan tokens grants access to VIP rewards, exclusive promotions, games, and chats, likewise becoming a superfan.

$DOLZ is the native token of the platform, and there'd be 1,250,000,000 in supply, with 1,000,000 kept for airdrops. Of this supply, 500,000,000 will be sold at the presale on May 24th on, sold in three rounds. Interested persons can sign up to be whitelisted for round 1, with a KYC conducted to verify their identity. 1 DOLZ would cost $0.0016 when listed on Pancakeswap, with several deflationary mechanisms, including burning, vault with vesting, and redistribution to the community, to maintain price. 20% of the total supply will be locked for at least 2 years in a reserve bag and there will be very aggressive $DOLZ staking systems to earn rewards, exclusive NFTs, and other advantages. The first sales of iStripper collectible cards will happen after the end of the presale due to the demand of existing customers. Participants of the presale will receive an exclusive NFT for each round which will never be available for purchase.

DOLZ is a metaverse where everyone is rewarded. It integrates adult content with a multiplayer P2E gaming model.

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