Hacks for Crypto Promotion

Hacks for Crypto Promotion

BTC Peers team
BTC Peers team

Get your investors and partners talking

It is easy to attract people to invest in projects that already boast a healthy number of investors. As such, you can capitalize on your current investor base by interviewing them and using their quotes on your landing page.

Newsletters and push notifications

Newsletters are one of the ways to communicate developments to your investors and users. Hence, you should create a calendar and content plan for notices and mailings. Get updates and promo materials across to your audience and spice it up with interesting and unique content. Also, find subtle ways to encourage visitors to sign up for push notifications, one of the few free PR tools in the crypto space.

Go for a long-term PR plan

As a PR specialist, it sometimes baffles me when companies approach me for a PR campaign that would last for only a few weeks or months. Startups seem not to understand that PR is a long-term game. It takes time to build a brand, and even longer to maintain it. Since you have to mold a relationship based on trust with journalists, investors, and users, your strategy, therefore, should cater to a year-long PR campaign.

Avoid using too many technical terms

If reaching a wide audience is your goal, then you should mind the type of words you use in your texts. Very few people have a deep understanding of blockchain technology, and mainstream investors will rather invest in things that they can comprehend. As such, it is advisable to translate technical terms into plain texts.

Be a thought leader in the space

The only way to avoid running a faceless startup is to make your personality known in the crypto space. And so, you should contribute to developments and state your arguments in a way that highlights your knowledge of the crypto space.

Make sure you hit your announced deadlines

Deadlines are very important details that establish the efficacy of a startup. Hence, show your readiness to take up challenges by setting deadlines and planning to meet them. Your ability to this will very much determine the credibility of your startup.

Protect your brand

It is not enough to buy a domain for your project without considering risks associated with cloned websites. Once you get your official domain - say yourcrypto.com - the right thing to do is to acquire other domains (yourcrypto.net, yourcrypto.io, yourcrypto.info, yourcrypto.co) that scammer could utilize to defraud your users.

Bounty campaigns

Be choosy when it comes to picking the right bounty contractors for your project. One mistake that startup makes is that they involve just about anyone in their bounty campaigns, which almost always backfires. While it is expensive to organize a large bounty campaign, you should not, however, compromise on hiring experienced contractors. You could reduce costs by negotiating personally and offering part payment in the form of tokens.

Leadership is key

As the leader of your team, realize that the onus falls on you to ensure that everything goes smoothly. When mistakes arise, do not shy away from the repercussions. Owning your mistakes, and making it known, portrays that your company is transparent. Nonetheless, realize that it takes teamwork to get things to work. In other words, a collaborative culture is a key component of being successful.

Hire a reliable technical expert

You will need a flexible design for your landing page to adapt to the changing requirements of your PR campaign. In light of this, it is crucial to have an expert on your team who can tweak the layouts of your landing page at any given time.

Working products

Do not get carried away by the current ICO/IEO/STO craze, as it is better to have a working product before embarking on such campaigns. Having a working product is enough to give you an edge when it comes to attracting serious investors.

In my opinion, it is preferable when a company takes at least a year to develop sound business and strategic marketing plan before launching its product. With this, your team becomes knowledgeable of the challenges ahead, and it can plan effective ways to go around them. Crypto startups that have gone to lengths to create a working product and plan have a higher chance of success.

More importantly, you should always have it at the back of your mind that investors’ money is not profit. Instead, these funds are made available for the company until it can become self-sustainable. It is your responsibility to justify the expectation placed on you and deliver on your promises.