Helping Content Creators Unlock New Innovations—the Cybever Mission

Helping Content Creators Unlock New Innovations—the Cybever Mission
Photo by Syed Hussaini / Unsplash

Per a recent press release, Cybever—a smooth-running content creation platform for the emerging Metaverse—has just concluded its pre-seed round. Led by renowned, reputable organizations and innovative investors like Mask Network, The Spartan Group, Formless Capital, etc., Cybever intends to use the funds raised to create an ecosystem that builds a ton of object-oriented assets such as interior design, pieces of furniture, and architecture. Additionally, Cybever will hope to match relevant Metaverse platforms.

Cybever leverages datasets to enable various built-in models to learn and master multiple styles of gaming applications and Metaverse platforms. Cybever’s primary mission is to allow content creators to unlock an array of unprecedented innovations while adapting to new technologies—Metaverse and gaming—and getting their jobs done seamlessly.

Divergent from other existing AI-driven Metaverse platforms, Cybever, in the future, hopes to become a thriving ecosystem where developers and creators can create “content as a service” [CaaS].

Stimulating People's Creativity to Create the Best Content for the Metaverse

The advent of new technologies like the Metaverse opens up many opportunities for altering lives fascinatingly. With Metaverse, we can live out dreams that were ordinarily deemed impossible. The introduction of AR/VR further widens the gap, allowing creators a wide range of options to choose from. Cybever understands the impact these technologies could have on our world and aims to put itself at the forefront of this innovation.

The AI-driven Metaverse platform’s core vision is much larger than one organization. The platform aims to stimulate creativity, providing the best infrastructure to create suitable content for the immersive experience. Cybever believes the world would be a better place with more creators. Digital innovations like AI and 3D rendering possess the ability to help creators get a better grasp of the world.

By leveraging all of these new technologies, Cybever believes content creators can receive digital assets as outputs and re-render them into millions of artistic styles in just a matter of time. With the potential of AI and the Metaverse, Cybever can build Disneyland, Las Vegas in a desert, and a zoo.

The team believes unflinchingly in the benefits of web 3.0 and its capacity to pioneer a world where Metaverse and virtual reality thrive.

The Cybever Team

Cybever is led by a team of dedicated, innovative, and exceptional individuals from Silicon Valley. The team aims to bridge the gap between web 2.0 and web 3.0, bringing breakthroughs to the world.

Speaking about the prospect of web 3.0 and the nascent NFT market, CEO and co-founder of Cybever, Cecilia Shen, reveals that the content creation industry presents an excellent opportunity for growth.

With an immersive growth in the popularity of Metaverse and NFT, the content creation space represents an exciting growth opportunity for us. Leveraging the technology of web3.0, Cybever is creating a decentralized yet better CaaS ecosystem that aims to empower developers to release, own seamlessly, and buy content service pipelines anywhere”, the CEO further stated.

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