Andrey Sergeenkov
Spreading Blockchain Ideas To The World
Our happy clients
Anonymous 1-click subscriptions through streaming money
EZ Exchange
Exchange platform for comfortable cryptocurrency trading
Galleon Quest
Recover and Preserve Treasure as Assets for a Crypto-Currency
GSC Aviation
Supply chain solution to improve flight safety and streamline processes for Aviation Industry
Global Exchange Platform with Nuvus Protocol for the Cannabis and Hemp Industry
PreSale Ventures
PreSale Ventures is a Decentralized Pre-ICO Funding Platform
Movie and video streaming platform
ICO Alert
The trusted ICO Discovery Platform
Casta Diva Forums
Exclusive networking company which serves other companies in seeking capital and/or greater exposure
Squid Network
Decentralized platform for gaming
Word of Mouth Pro
Blockchain-based autenthicator ecosystem
Clients love us
François Normandeau (Italy)
General Manager of Casta Diva Forums
I am delighted to be able to collaborate with Andrey Sergeenkov. He has always been straightforward and has always promised very little and delivered way more than I could ever have expected.

My professional relationship with him is based on mutual respect and trust and I hope that we can elevate this throughout the coming year. He is willing to help and assist me while asking nothing in return, and because of his generous and noble attitude, I am more than willing to help and assist him in an ongoing fashion, while never expecting anything more than continued collaboration and hopefully, friendship.
Aleksi Aaltonen (Finland)
Blockchain and ICO Entrepreneur / Advisor at Galleon Quest and Nuvus
Been working with Andrey on ICO marketing projects and that has always been a pleasure. He has always delivered everything as agreed and the deadlines hold and I would be happy to work with him in future projects as well.
Helmut Siedl (Austria)
Advisor at
Well done job in time and in budget. It saves a lot of time to outsource listing on ico trackers to an expert like him. So u can focus on your own core business to make the project happen.
George Brookfield (United Kingdom)
Founder and CEO of Squid Network
No fuss, got the job done straight away.
Maxime Legros (France)
Founder of GSC Platform
Awesome :) Thanks for your work.

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