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13 PR Ideas for Generating Crypto Media Opportunities

There is a big problem in the field of crypto and blockchain as a whole — startups need media publications, but there's just no time to improve relationships with the media, and their journalists are tired of pitches about yet another revolutionary project that will turn the industry on its head.

4 Crypto Marketing Tips From Experts

1. Paul Cliffe, CEO of Block Venture Project - a firm who specializes in helping UHNW clients gain exposure to digital assets.Don’t fake it. 2016-17, we saw a lot of projects buying in Twitter and Telegram followers to imply they had a huge community backing their project. Investors

Tips How to Build Your Crypto Community

It amazes me how the crypto industry has maintained a community-based structure. As such, crypto firms and startups require the input of loyal followers to certify their standing in the ever-changing crypto landscape. The more active participants your project attracts, the easier it is to withstand the uncertainties that come

Tips How to Work with Content in the Crypto Niche

Getting your content to feature on media outlets can be stressful and expensive. This is particularly true for crypto-related articles, as you have to prepare a reasonable budget for content promotion. It is not enough to write high-quality and insightful articles, publish them on niche media, and hope that it

Hacks for Crypto Promotion

Get your investors and partners talkingIt is easy to attract people to invest in projects that already boast a healthy number of investors. As such, you can capitalize on your current investor base by interviewing them and using their quotes on your landing page. Newsletters and push notificationsNewsletters are one

Best Social Media For Building a Crypto Community

The crypto community has an affinity for specific social networks, which should inform you on the channel of communication that best suits your project. One such channel is Reddit. Your advertisement on Reddit will generate more traffic than the ones you post on Instagram or Facebook. The same is true