1. Binance bans US users. Any US-based clients will have 14 days to wrap up their accounts. This follows increased scrutiny on cryptos by US authorities.

2. Yearn Finance partners with Pickle to promote DeFi rewards. In the wake of the Pickle hack, Yearn is helping the platform get back on its feet.

3. Embattled exchange OKEx will resume client withdrawals before November 27. The exchange's owners have been at the heart of an investigation by Chinese authorities.

4. Margin trading will be removed from Coinbase Pro platform. The US-based platform is working to comply with US securities laws.

5. Possible Treasury Secretary under the new US President, Janet Yellen, isn't a fan of Bitcoin. This may become important in the coming years.

6. Bison Trails introduces QT protocol to support developers work on Libra. The company is working to make Libra more accessible to devs.

7. Trader: Bitcoin prices may rise to $74,000. It is already close to the highs it hit in late 2017.

8. Lolli growing its Bitcoin rewards offers for online shopping. There is an expanding interest in how Bitcoin can be used at a retail level.

9. Nigeria is working on a legal framework that would see Bitcoin become widely used in the nation. It is already a leading adopter of cryptos.

10. Report: Many crypto exchanges are making big bets on the Indian market.