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Andrey Sergeenkov
FinTech Adviser, Marketing and PR specialist in the crypto area, Hackernoon and Investing contributor. Entrepreneur with more than 10 years experience. Assisted in raising more than 20 mln USD for different projects.

«I believe that actual usefulness is the best PR for any project.»
My top services that get real results
Press Release Publications
Guaranteed publications on crypto and mainstream media to get your words to those who are looking for it: Journalists, Investors, Clients.
Brand Mentions
Your Brand Mentions, quotes and links in regular articles on crypto and top-tier media. You will show investors that you can create buzz around your project and you will get quality traffic as well.
Creating a Media Opportunity
Generating the idea, creating the media opportunity and pitch for relevant journalists and editors to get you on the top. One high-quality media opportunity can fulfil all your traffic requirements.
Publication on 50 ICO Trackers
Your ICO project will be on the most popular trackers and listings so every investor looking for a new project can find yours.
Newsletters to Email Databases
Rich crypto-community with pitch-newsletters to my 15k email database or databases of or
Aggressive Reddit Promotion
Creating topics and making them "hot" and "popular" - attracting a lot of native traffic. Hundreds of thousands of views guaranteed.
In short I will get you there
And 100+ other media
List of my clients
A lot of experience in the ICO and blockchain niche
What clients are saying

François Normandeau (Italy)
General Manager of Casta Diva Forums
I am delighted to be able to collaborate with Andrey Sergeenkov. He has always been straightforward and has always promised very little and delivered way more than I could ever have expected.

My professional relationship with him is based on mutual respect and trust and I hope that we can elevate this throughout the coming year. He is willing to help and assist me while asking nothing in return, and because of his generous and noble attitude, I am more than willing to help and assist him in an ongoing fashion, while never expecting anything more than continued collaboration and hopefully, friendship.
Aleksi Aaltonen (Finland)
Blockchain and ICO Entrepreneur / Advisor at Galleon Quest and Nuvus
Been working with Andrey on ICO marketing projects and that has always been a pleasure. He has always delivered everything as agreed and the deadlines hold and I would be happy to work with him in future projects as well.
Helmut Siedl (Austria)
Advisor at
Well done job in time and in budget. It saves a lot of time to outsource listing on ico trackers to an expert like him. So u can focus on your own core business to make the project happen.
Maxime Legros (France)
Founder of GSC Platform
Awesome :) Thanks for your work.

Lance Connolly (Cape Town Area, South Africa)
Advisor for BRAVO pay
Thank you for the great work!
Feel free to contact me
Andrey Sergeenkov
Marketing and PR specialist
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