AI Film Academy Recognizes Innovative Storytelling at First AIFA Awards in Lisbon

AI Film Academy Recognizes Innovative Storytelling at First AIFA Awards in Lisbon

The AI Film Academy held the first-ever AIFA Awards in Lisbon last night, celebrating the innovative work of AI filmmakers from around the world. The event recognized the diverse stories and new visual language emerging from AI technology, while also marking the launch of the AI Film Academy, an institution aiming to encourage creativity through emerging technology.

The Best Film award went to Denny the Shark, a story about a shark seeking dental care, created by the collaborative duo of Melody Bossan (France) and Dina Lockamy (USA), known together as Ethereal Moon. Both filmmakers found new creative avenues through AI, with Bossan rekindling her filmmaking aspirations and Lockamy transitioning from a stay-at-home mother to creating intricate films with her partner from across the globe.

Images by Paige Powell

Denny was one of 13 films selected from an open call across six continents and screened at the Non Fungible Conference on May 28. The AIFA Awards brought together individuals from various creative fields, including film, art, music, and fashion, as well as web3 technologists and entrepreneurs.

Guests at the event experienced The Silver Mirror, an immersive cinematic installation by featured artist Fantastic Planet, followed by a showcase of AI work by the AIFA Jury and the screening of the Finalist films. Awards were presented by sponsors and AIFA founders Clare Maguire and Leo Crane. The evening concluded with a live performance by singer NOANNE in an AI-generated set.

Jury member Laurence Fuller commented on the role of AI in the creative process, stating, "Technology for me is an instrument. It's there, it's inanimate, but when human fingers and ideas pick it up, it takes on a spiritual quality. I believe humans transcend technology in our capacity to feel and think and process the world around us."

Works by the finalists, jury members, and featured artists are available to collect on SuperRare. They will be showcased at Casa Nua, the first permanent gallery for digital art in Brazil, and then at Sotheby's Institute of Art as a case study for entrepreneurs. Additional partnerships are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

The AIFA Awards, an annual event organized by the AI Film Academy, seeks to promote innovation and inclusivity in the film industry through AI and blockchain technologies. Founded by Clare Maguire and Leo Crane, AIFA aims to empower aspiring filmmakers and revolutionize the way films are created, distributed, and monetized.

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