Artemis Launches the World’s First Decentralized Mobile-focused NFT Social & Trading Platform

Artemis Launches the World’s First Decentralized Mobile-focused NFT Social & Trading Platform
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Having invaded the art and gaming space, the NFT market has begun to expand its territories to other spaces and industries. However, although the current market is laudable, it has its shortcomings concerning users' experience. Conventionally, NFTs are largely desktop-focused; there is a limitation to how users can access and interact with their NFTs. Also, the community is absent on the platform; that is, most activities that take place with regards to NFTs are carried out away from the platform, which creates a glitch in users' experience as they are compelled to alternate apps.

Interestingly, the launch of Artemis seeks to overhaul the shortcomings of the conventional platform and improve interaction with NFTs by the creation of its social and trading platform, which is solely mobile-focused.

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Creating A Compelling Mobile NFT Experience

The existence of an application that considers time spent by users and users' engagement has not been achieved in the crypto world. Taking into cognizance this, Artemis has created a traditional platform that enables users to interact and vibe with their NFTs throughout the day and in whatever condition.

Developing Our Own In-App Community

Overall, the social experience of users in the marketplace cannot be sidelined. Thus, Artemis is concerned with users' performance of all their NFT experiences in one app. Therefore, users' interactions, sharing, and commenting could be performed without a glitch on the Artemis platform, thereby disregarding the hassle of switching platforms to achieve this.

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Expanding The NFT Industry into Physical World

Artemis is interested in well-known innovative projects and up-and-coming ones. This triggered their ambition to expand the NFT marketplace to the real world. They desire that NFT could be projected to the real world and adapted to luxury, ticketing, and special experiences. With its landing into the new world, they hope to create a more sustainable and ever-present user base.

Concerning the luxury industry, most products are expensive and have substandard counterfeits. Therefore, there is a need for a platform to prevent duplication of ownership and improve an efficient supply chain.

Also, the platform would ensure that millennials interested in special experiences would have exclusive access to the content of celebrities and personalities. It would also ensure premium tickets to concerts and sports events to maximize NFT technology and prevent ticket duplication and black-market practices.

The company aims to launch its high-profile collection of redeemable NFTs in the first quarter of 2022. In addition, they are taking active steps to provide more features on the platform such as launchpad, flat payments, cross-chain capabilities, and others.

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