People wonder why Bitcoin is going down

The road to a complete adoption of Bitcoin getting shorter, but many people still think that Bitcoin isn't going to last. These market watchers have pointed out reasons why Bitcoin is going down. There is no reason to take this seriously, especially with major investors buying Bitcoin.

Media can talk about how great the Bitcoin investment thesis is but in reality, the market is still small on a global scale. Although Bitcoin has already proved its power and possibilities, some still doubt that it can make a lasting impact on how money works.

Volatility is also the factor that needs to be watched when it comes to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not high risk, as it has an intrinsic value, which makes it unlikely to go down on a sustained basis. Its value also depends on the future technical advances and the potential uses of those advances, which are great selling points.

It is impossible to know how far Bitcoin will go in the long term. Given the fact that almost any time in the history of Bitcoin has been a good time to buy, it is very difficult to understand why anyone would want to take the bear case for Bitcoin up seriously.

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