CADAICO Celebrates Milestone: Successful Sale Closure Paves Way for Token Generation Event and Listing

CADAICO Celebrates Milestone: Successful Sale Closure Paves Way for Token Generation Event and Listing

Esslingen, Germany - April 12, 2024 - CADAICO, a developing project in AI and blockchain integration, celebrates a significant milestone as it successfully concludes its public sale, taking a decisive step towards its Token Generation Event (TGE) and subsequent Listing. The recent impressive response underscores the project's potential and paves the way for its next phase of development.

The successful closure of CADAICO's public sale signals a resounding vote of confidence from the community. Within a mere six hours of opening, the sale reached its full capacity, reflecting the widespread enthusiasm for the project's special approach to integrate AI and blockchain with CAD software.

After the sale's triumphant story, CADAICO is going to advance to its highly anticipated Token Generation Event, a crucial juncture in its journey towards broader accessibility and market presence. During the Token Generation Event, 15% of tokens will be instantly accessible. The project's commitment to transparency, innovation, and collaboration has garnered widespread acclaim, positioning it as a progressive company in the rapidly changing industry of AI and blockchain technology.

Pedram Shahid, CEO of CADAICO, expressed gratitude for the huge support received during the public sale. "The swift closure of our public sale is a testament to the belief and confidence the community has placed in our vision," said Shahid. "As we transition towards our Token Generation Event and Listing, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering a revolutionary platform that redefines the design process workforce and CAD software utilization."


CADAICO is moving forward with efficient implementation of the combination of AI and blockchain technology. The company does not develop new CAD products, it creates a collaborative ecosystem for development of CAD complementary software. With a strong foundation built on innovation, transparency, and community engagement, the project is on the direct highway to build the future of CAD technology.

As CADAICO progresses towards its Token Generation Event and Listing, both token holders and enthusiasts can look forward to a new era of accessibility and opportunity in the CAD software space. Stay tuned for further updates and developments as CADAICO continues to pave the way for a brighter, decentralized future.

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