Dutch Style Multi-Chain Token Launch Auction Now Available on Metaverse Starter, Powered by Bunicorn

Dutch Style Multi-Chain Token Launch Auction Now Available on Metaverse Starter, Powered by Bunicorn
Photo by Fons Heijnsbroek / Unsplash

Metaverse Starter is a one-stop solution for holistic blockchain finance. It has recently launched a novel offer that allows the public to take part in new project launches in a style very similar to Dutch Auctions.

Metaverse Starter’s new feature integrates into its commitment to provide quality services. A multi-chain platform that connects Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana and Avalanche, the doors to an all-encompassing DeFi ecosystem have just blown apart.

But What is a Token Launch Auction?

The Token Launch Auction is an inspiration from the traditional Dutch auction style, wherein the price falls over time, as opposed to normal auctions where it rises. In any normal token launch scenario, project developers usually offer different incentives for people and large-scale investors to buy their tokens as early as possible for good discounts. VCs and whales are also offered much deeper discounts with private pre-sales.

While this may sound good as the individual and institutional investors will rush to buy cheaper, giving a boost to the token sales and helping projects secure larger funds, ultimately it creates a disparity as later on investors will balk at buying the tokens for a steeper price. This can lead to a strain on token sales during the last stretches. Lower sales at the end also have a larger chance of the project not meeting its expected sales cap, ultimately putting pressure on the project to start development with less than expected funds or simply return the funding amount if the project never takes off.

Token Launch Auction: Better For All

Metaverse Starter leverages Balancer’s Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool, which allows the Token Launch Auction to change the quantity of the said token in the pool over a set period. What this results in is the token’s price falling in a controlled manner.

This type of Dutch auction has several benefits, such as:

  • No unfair advantage to large-scale buyers (no private sales, no VCs).
  • Reducing entry barriers (no staking required for IDO tickets).
  • Allowing all participants to buy the token at a price they think is fair and worth their money.
  • Discourages bots as they would end up buying at a higher price.
  • Eliminates FOMO, allowing investors to decide on what is best for them.

While Dutch auction-style token launches are not new to the blockchain and crypto sphere, one thing that sets Metaverse Starter apart from the rest is its multi-chain service. Unlike its predecessors, Metaverse Starter doesn’t limit its users’ participation by running on a single blockchain network. Its Token Launch Auction allows users and backers from Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, and even Avalanche. This effectively opens the doors of massive, worldwide participation, no matter what network the users’ assets are on.

The Bunicorn Backing

Metaverse Starter isn’t just a new platform that has popped into existence. The project is the creation of Bunicorn, a platform that has made a name for offering different DeFi and GameFi services, all under one roof. Currently, it offers its own NFT RPG game, a P2P BNB Chain NFT marketplace, an AMM style DEX (with IDOs, low slippage, and dynamic fees), and even yield farming for NFTs.

With the experience of the Bunicorn team, Metaverse Starter is a platform that offers multi-chain opportunities for projects and backers alike. Each project is meticulously checked to make sure it attains high standards of quality, feasibility, and long-term outlook. At the same time, users of the platform are exposed to quality projects that reduce their risks. The multi-chain service, where it allows users from different networks to join the token launches, also exposes the projects to a higher number of investors, creating a win-win situation for all.

As the market is gradually recovering, the platform is preparing resources to resume its partners’ IDOs and INOs in the upcoming months. Previously, Metaverse Starter hosted several sold-out Token and NFT Offerings for Monsterra, Wasted Lands, Elpis Battle, and many more.

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