EvoSim Universe: Gamifying Telecommunications with a Revamped Platform for Web3

EvoSim Universe: Gamifying Telecommunications with a Revamped Platform for Web3

June 1, 2024 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates – EvoSim, an established Dubai-based eSIM card provider, announces the release of their Web3 auxiliary project – EvoSim Universe – after a landmark launch at Blockchain Life 2024.

EvoSim Universe embeds electronic SIM cards with NFT functionality, enabling users to monetize their mobile data usage. EvoSim Universe is now available for download on iOS and Android, as well as accessible via a web version.

With this brand-new integration, which has been months in development, EvoSim is enabling its users to gain rewards simply by browsing the internet, making everyday online activities meaningful and rewarding. The platform empowers users by gamifying their digital interactions, whether booking a flight or reading the news.

The company has already kicked off its marketing campaign with some incredible sponsorship deals, such as a trampoline strapped to a hot air balloon. Meanwhile, EvoSim’s Instagram channel is seeing rapid growth with almost half a million subscribers.

A World First for Telecom 

EvoSim Universe combines telecom, cryptocurrency, and gaming to enhance the digital lives of millions looking for a unique experience when using the internet. Its parent company, Evosim.com, has, for over two years, offered its users a reliable platform to purchase eSIMs in nearly 200 countries and enjoy super-fast 5G internet access.

Now, with a brand-new mobile version for iOS and Android, users can put purchased NFTs to use. The app tracks the existence of an eSIM and intuitively issues tokens based on data usage, influenced by the rarity of the NFT. Via the component web platform, users can buy and sell NFTs and trade earned tokens for USDT.

Currently, there are a range of different rarities on offer, such as the unmodified Epic-tier NFT below, which enables users to earn 2.29 tokens for every megabyte of data used from the user’s active eSIM data plan.

Beyond Innovation – A Practical Solution

EvoSim Universe addresses several critical needs in the current digital and mobile communication landscape:

Onboarding More Users to eSIM Technology:

  1. EvoSim Universe is pioneering the shift to eSIM cards, which are significantly more efficient and environmentally friendly compared to traditional physical SIM cards. eSIMs eliminate the need for plastic waste and offer a much more cost-effective solution than the exorbitant roaming charges typically imposed by traditional telecom providers.

Gamified Experience with Earning Opportunities:

  1. EvoSim Universe gamifies the digital experience, providing users with earning opportunities through regular engagement with the app. This approach resonates particularly well with Web3 natives who already possess NFT wallets and are familiar with various digital projects. By integrating earning mechanisms, EvoSim Universe transforms mundane online activities into rewarding and engaging experiences.

A Unified Solution for Global eSIM Usage:

  1. Travellers often face the hassle of using different eSIM providers for each country they visit. EvoSim Universe offers a unified solution, allowing users to access eSIM services in every country that supports eSIM technology. This simplifies the process and ensures seamless connectivity for international travellers.

Upgradable NFTs for Long-term Engagement:

  1. The platform's unique NFT system allows for upgrades, providing a long-term gamified experience that enhances user retention and reduces the cost per user acquisition. By continually offering new opportunities for users to upgrade their NFTs and increase their earning potential, EvoSim Universe ensures sustained engagement and loyalty.

A Chat With The CBDO 

We had the opportunity to discuss the platform’s future plans with its newly-appointed chief business development officer, Bradley Peak – 

“For the short term, we’re offering exceptional profits for our token holders, with users currently experiencing a ‘play-to-earn’ model that yields 150-200% returns over a six-month period, all while retaining the option to sell their NFTs. Of course, this level of return is promotional and not sustainable in the long run. As such, we plan to adjust the earnings on newly minted NFTs once we reach a critical mass of token holders. However, even with these promotional earnings or ‘cashback’ included, our eSIMs will be the most cost-effective option on the market. This business model is truly exciting, and I’m glad to be a part of it.” 

Bradley also highlighted in our interview that as the user base grows, EvoSim Universe plans to develop its loot-box system, introducing more affordable NFTs with greater incentives to upgrade. 

Moreover, users will also have the option to sell their NFTs back to EvoSim Universe as market-making on major decentralised and centralised exchanges is developed over the coming months. 

Whether you’re abroad or at home, download EvoSim Universe now and begin your journey into the future of mobile communications and Web3 gaming.

For more information, visit the EvoSim Universe website.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evosim.universe

Telegram: https://t.me/evosim_app

Whitepaper: https://evosim.gitbook.io/evosim-universe/v/white-paper

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