Green Bitcoin Presale Raises $1M as Bitcoin Approaches its ATH

Green Bitcoin Presale Raises $1M as Bitcoin Approaches its ATH

London, United Kingdom, February 29th, 2024, Chainwire

The eco-friendly crypto project Green Bitcoin has seen its limited-time presale phase cross $1 million in funding.

With an innovative gamified staking model and energy-efficient foundation, Green Bitcoin offers token holders a way to stake their tokens and generate yield.

Gamified Staking Model Offers Unique Way to Earn

Green Bitcoin's gamified staking model offers a unique twist, token holders can try to predict Bitcoin's daily price movements, and if they are successful they can earn rewards that vary based on accuracy and stake size. 

This system resets daily, ensuring continuous engagement.

Unlike typical staking protocols with fixed yields, Green Bitcoin’s model offers a dynamic yield.

As outlined in Green Bitcoin’s whitepaper, the project has allocated over 27% of the total token supply to staking rewards, ensuring a sizable pool of incentives for accurate BTC price predictions.

This pool of funds is set to be distributed over a period of two years.

Green Bitcoin Raises Over $1m Amidst Booming Crypto Market

Building on the crypto market's resurgence, Green Bitcoin's presale has passed the $1 million mark, offering potential investors discounted tokens.

Unlike typical presale setups, Green Bitcoin’s team incentivizes long-term holding by allowing users to stake their purchased tokens immediately.

Coinsult, a reputable blockchain security firm, has audited the token's smart contract.

According to the compay, Green Bitcoin’s social channels are seeing engagement about the project. The project’s Telegram group has seen growth in the past week, with the Green Bitcoin Twitter account growing to 3,400 followers.

Green Bitcoin has even been featured in YouTube videos from names like Crypto Boy, who praised its “Predict-to-Earn” model.

About Green Bitcoin

Green Bitcoin is a new crypto project on the Ethereum chain providing a more eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to Bitcoin, alongside staking rewards for holders and novel 'predict to earn' elements including weekly challenges.

The Green Bitcoin project launched in late 2023 with a presale hard cap target of $7 million, with over $1 million raised so far. The smart contract has been audited by Coinsult.

Users can visit Green Bitcoin Presale here

Green Bitcoin is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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