Kronos DAO Announces Public Sale, To Enter Into Partnership with CORENODE

Kronos DAO Announces Public Sale, To Enter Into Partnership with CORENODE
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DeFi startup incubator Kronos DAO is happy to notify investors of its upcoming public sale on 28 March 2022. The platform will offer its token $KRONOS to participating investors at a significant discount during the public sale. Kronos DAO will hope to raise more funds from the public sale event to develop the governance platform/incubator and build the treasury.

In addition, Kronos is looking forward to securing a partnership with CORENODE to develop the core aspects of the DeFi project. The upcoming sale and partnership follow the successful community sale on Binance Smart Chain and Cronos Blockchain, where $540k was raised from the sale of cKRONOS (cKRONOS can be exchanged for KRONOS in 1:1).

Participating in the Upcoming Public Sale

The upcoming public sale provides a low-risk opportunity to investors to amass KRONOS tokens and sell them for a profit on exchanges. According to the team, about 40% of the total supply will be offered during the public sale.

To participate in the sale, investors must deposit the desired amount of $BUSD to get KRONOS and have their wallets set up with BSC. The public sale will run from 28 March to 3 April 2022 on Binance Smart Chain. The team will reveal more details about participation before the due date.

Kronos DAO: Supporting Prospective Projects on Binance Smart Chain

Kronos DAO is a DeFi investing project that supports upcoming crypto projects on Binance Smart Chain with funds from its treasury wallet. As a revolutionary reserve currency protocol and incubator, Kronos aims to fund and nurture high-quality startups and help them scale through the hurdles of starting up a project, such as marketing and sourcing funds.

Kronos allocates 15% of its treasury to fund innovative projects and expose them to investment and marketing opportunities. The remaining 85% of the treasury will provide floor value for $KRONOS, ensuring investors' profits keep rolling.

Not only does Kronos focus on incubating projects; it also utilizes its treasury fund to generate returns for investors that participate in raising funds for the projects. Kronos explores other ways to create low-risk returns on its native token $KRONOS.

$KRONOS is the governance token that empowers the DAO. $KRONOS holders have privileges, such as voting and making vital decisions as they affect the protocol.

Kronos's KYC was recently verified and approved by Assure DeFi, one of the most efficient KYC verification services for crypto projects. Standout Features of Kronos DAO:


Kronos enables users to mint the KRONOS token by trading it with other digital assets and LP tokens. Minting can be done through $BUSD, $USDC, etc.


The DAO provides an earning opportunity to users by allowing them to stake $KRONOS. When the Kronos token is staked, the investor receives sKRONOS. This token will automatically compound at 3,678% APY.

Kronos Node

Kronos Node comes in five levels – Starter, Satellite, Rocket, Launch Base, and On The Moon. Each stage comes with a specified number of Nodes. As you go higher up, the ROI increases.


This is a system where users get rewarded with cryptos via incubated projects for staking their Kronos tokens.


This is another rewarding platform that allows users to earn major virtual currencies, such as BTC and ETH by staking their $KRONOS.

Up Next for Kronos DAO

Kronos DAO is looking forward to achieving key objectives this year, most of which are in its roadmap. Aside from the upcoming public sale and partnership with CORENODE, Kronos DAO will list its coin on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, update its dashboard, open its NFT whitelist, and launch the Kronos DAO NFT. All of these are scheduled for April 2022.

Kronos DAO will also look forward to unveiling a launchpad to incubate Cronos and Bsc projects, listing its token on centralized exchanges, and launching a DAO Bank for lending and borrowing. Others include offering new bonds, rewarding diamond hands stakers, developing the Kronos Node, and the Kronos Governance protocol.

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