Meme Coin Communities Gear Up for the CoinMarketCap Crypto Awards

Meme Coin Communities Gear Up for the CoinMarketCap Crypto Awards

Dubai, UAE, February 26th, 2024, Chainwire

CoinMarketCap’s Crypto Awards 2024, the first edition of a new annual event, is captivating the global crypto community. This is especially true for the Meme Coin Of The Year category, where voting has become a battleground for the most passionate and vibrant communities in the crypto space.

Fans of Pepe, Bonk, Milady, Memecoin, and ORDI would love to see their token crowned as Meme Coin of the Year by CoinMarketCap, the ‘Home Of Crypto’ and world’s most trusted source of crypto data. But for many crypto enthusiasts, it’s not just about the value of the coins, but identifying with the specific cultural narratives that fuel each community.

Pepe - When Pepe the Frog first appeared online in 2005, nobody could predict how huge he would become. What started as a meme morphed into an internet icon embraced by all online communities. The launch of Pepe coin in 2023 turned nearly 20 years' worth of memes into a billion-dollar market debut. As the project claimed, ‘the dogs have had their day, it's time for Pepe to take reign’ 

Bonk - Bonk was nothing less than a Christmas miracle for the Solana community back in 2021. Its standout branding and meme appeal quickly won the market, amassing a dedicated following. The token emerged as a symbol of unity in the Solana community. Creators framed it as “the true community coin of Solana” – an effort to give power back to those enriching the ecosystem from the ground up. By staying true to its community values, the token kept its cultural momentum strong. 

Milady - Riding the wave of its "neochibi-style" NFTs, Milady made a big splash comparable to giants like DOGE, further amplified by a call-out by Elon Musk. Milady stands at the intersection of finance, art, and internet culture, showcasing how artistic creativity can foster a thriving and engaged community in the web3 era.

Memecoin - Spearheaded by 9GAG's Ray Chan, Memecoin captures the essence of meme culture's leap into the financial sphere. It's a testament to how viral content, backed by an understanding of internet humor, can create a bridge to the cryptocurrency market.

ORDI -ORDI's introduction as the first meme coin on Bitcoin’s blockchain highlights the crypto community's appetite for innovation. It's a move that blended Bitcoin's established credibility with meme culture's fresh appeal, opening new avenues for engagement and participation in the ecosystem.

Users can visit [] and vote for their Meme Coin of the Year before March 3.

Winners will be determined by a combination of community votes, CoinMarketCap data, and an expert committee. Winners across all categories will be announced live at the CMC Crypto Awards 2024 ceremony on March 6th.  

This award is presented in partnership with Trust Wallet, a secure self-custody crypto wallet supporting over 10 million digital assets across 70+ different blockchains.


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