Metacces Announces Launch of Stage 5 Token Sale and Debut of Enhanced Platform

Metacces Announces Launch of Stage 5 Token Sale and Debut of Enhanced Platform

Dubai, UAE - March 28, 2024 - In its move to boost the integration of AI and blockchain technology, Metacces announced the commencement of Stage 5 of the token sale, coinciding with the unveiling of its revamped website on March 20, 2024. This stage, dubbed Private 5 (KOLs), makes 10 million tokens available at the price of $0.20 each. The sale, exclusive to the updated Metacces platform, is a critical step in the company's journey towards transformation of digital interactions.

Stage 5, which began with the launch of the updated official website, offers a unique opportunity for participants to engage with a platform at the forefront of technological innovation. The initiative will continue until all tokens are sold or until the end of May 2024, whichever comes first, marking a significant phase in Metacces’s rollout.

At the heart of Metacces's innovative approach is Oli, an AI-driven guide designed to optimize the user experience. Oli stands out by integrating AI with blockchain to enhance network performance, increase security, and improve fraud detection among other capabilities. This AI companion adapts and grows with user interactions, promising a personalized and evolving digital assistance experience.

Adding another layer of uniqueness to the platform is the introduction of Blacxes, a unique identifier for user avatars that ensures the authenticity and distinctiveness of these digital assets. This feature is poised to redefine the standards for digital ownership and value within the NFT space.

The vision behind Metacces is to create a universe where AI and blockchain technology merge to offer an immersive, augmented reality experience. This digital ecosystem encourages users to shape their virtual identities and environments, and also ensures secure and meaningful connections in a space that mirrors the real world. With the launch of the Acces Journey, users are invited to explore, construct, and engage in rewarding experiences across three distinct realms, each designed to foster creativity and discovery.

In a recent statement, the representative of Metacces articulated the company's ambition: "Metacces is not merely about embracing the future. We're actively crafting it. Our platform is a testament to the power of innovation, bringing together AI, blockchain, and NFTs to create a digital universe that's secure, personalized, and boundless. We're excited to offer this unique opportunity for users to join us at this pivotal moment, as we unveil the potential of a truly integrated digital world."

About Metacces

Metacces is a growing digital platform at the intersection of AI, blockchain technology, and the metaverse. With a focus on creating a secure, immersive, and personalized digital universe, Metacces leverages the latest in technology to let users shape their virtual spaces. Through a commitment to innovation, security, and community, Metacces is setting new standards in digital interactions and ownership, inviting users worldwide to explore the future where technology transforms the fabric of our digital and physical realities.

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