Metafluence: The First Influencer Platform Connecting Influencers, Brands and Audiences in The Metaverse

Metafluence: The First Influencer Platform Connecting Influencers, Brands and Audiences in The Metaverse
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The Metaverse is disrupting the web 2.0 space and expanding its limits to what has now become web 3.0. This expansion is allowing influencers, brands, and audiences to experience the next-level digital economy.

Currently, Metafluence is proving to be a groundbreaking project that aims to connect influencers and their brands to wider audiences. While it is centered on building an influencer-centric and tokenized ecosystem where SM influencers can connect with new target audiences, it also amplifies the popularity of their content and relates with their fan bases in the Metaverse.

The launchpad of Metafluence is Keepface – the parent company of Metafluence that was launched in 2017. Currently, Keepface is home to over 500,000 influencers, 5,000+ registered brands worldwide, and has already managed more than 1,600 global influencer campaigns with Fortune 500 companies.

Keepface attempts to key into this disruption by launching Metafluence, the first influencer platform created to connect social media (SM) influencers, their audiences, and brands in the metaverse.

Presently, the Metafluence team is focused on developing a performance-based influencer marketing model where influencers can earn, not only on media results but also on commissions out of the sales they generate. More so, the project has onboarded top-class experienced developers and creatives with more than 5 years of industry experience in influencer marketing across different industries and geographies.

An Influencer-centric Metaverse

Metafluence is revolutionizing the conventional standards of influencer marketing by offering huge opportunities for millions of creators to earn by utilizing their social media influence. It further empowers influencers to monetize their social media influence and creativity in the metaverse.

Even more exciting are the plethora of benefits the Metafluence ecosystem presents to all the parties of the influencer marketing triangle. For influencers, the platform offers more channels to monetize SM influence, synchronize promotions through Metaclan influencer members, as well as gain exposure to more advertisers and brand sponsorships.

On a similar note, brands are provided with the ability to work with influencers on performance-based models to increase massive reach within the Metafluence large community.

Additionally, brands in the Metafluence ecosystem will gain exposure to the advertising aspect of the metaverse, direct influencer relations, as well as event sponsorships. Plus, they will have access to features like influencer discovery, campaign performance, influencer analytics, and keyword monitoring.

Aside from influencers and brands, loyal users or visitors of the Metafluence ecosystem are regarded as the audiences. The audiences benefit from the influencer-centric ecosystem by gaining better community participation, reputation, and rewards.

Metahut – Influencer private property in the Metaverse

Metafluence is transforming the influencer marketplace. Through the influence-to-earn Metafluence platform, influencers can own a Metahut – private property in the metaverse generating lifetime value, and become metaverse entrepreneurs (Metapreneurs).

The Metafluence is a virtual city in the metaverse governed by social media (SM) influencers. Metahuts are suites of personalized rooms (similar to undeveloped land plots) in the metaverse where influencers can share their lifestyle, engage with their audience, collect and trade digital artwork (NFTs) and collaborate with advertisers in the Metaverse. The Metahut empowers influencers to better monetize their SM influence, engage closely with their audience and brands in a transparent relation. It consists of multi-purpose virtual rooms: event room, NFT room, shopping room, and more.

The Event room is a special space for hosting virtual shows, meetings, presentations, or any other event the host desires. More so, the NFT room is a virtual room to showcase, sell or trade owned NFTs. There is also a Shopping room where influencers can set up their marketplace for digital and physical products. Influencers are also allowed to collaborate with brands through sponsorships. Interestingly, Metahuts owners can creatively design/upgrade their rooms to suit the nature of the events, thus providing visitors with fascinating experiences.

"The idea of having my own virtual NFT gallery in the metaverse, and the ability to invite top industry experts into my own virtual room sounds super exciting!"  says Evan Luthra, Metafluence advisor.

Notably, influencers will be able to combine forces in Influencer clans (Metaclans) to unify their SM influence, reach millions of audiences and help to promote each other. All influencers, their audiences, and brands will be able to engage in a variety of events that could be in-clan, public, private, or premium. Some of the features of Metaclans include synchronized SM boosting for members, co-created activities and events, competitions (clans vs clans), governance, and earned group reputation.

Metafluence Utility Token

$METO represents the native currency of the Metafluence ecosystem that empowers and incentivizes influencers, their audiences, and brands.

Holders of the $METO can stake their tokens, or transact with $METO, as well as receive certain privileges and benefits in the process. The token can be utilized for purchases & transactions, NFTs & Digital collectibles, Metahut assets, events tickets, premium access areas, services, and stores (for brands).

Furthermore, Metafluence has announced its established tie-up with BlueZilla on incubation and set the date for the IDO on January 24, 2022. IDO will be activated on top launchpads of BlueZilla ecosystem: BSCpad, MetaVPad, NFTLaunch launchpads. To ensure cross-blockchain interoperability and partner networks in the Asian market, Metafluence recently partnered with UPFI Network - the first fractional-algorithmic Stablecoin Protocol on the Solana, supporting next-generation payment networks on a blockchain.

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