Minutes Network Unveils Plans To Onboard More Than 1 Billion Users By Q1 2026.

Minutes Network Unveils Plans To Onboard More Than 1 Billion Users By Q1 2026.

Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines, February 19th, 2024, Chainwire

Minutes Network, the world’s only blockchain based, distributed and decentralised voice carrier, has declared its plan to onboard over 1.2 billion users over the next two years.

The key to this expansion plan is the proprietary Rapid Growth Library (MRGL) which enables rapid user scaling at the press of a button. This unique technology seamlessly onboards users eliminating the need for consumer marketing and the investments typically associated to such an endeavour.

Josh Watkins, Minutes Network CEO added ‘MRGL is the key that unlocks Minutes Network. Exceeding one billion users in twenty-four months sounds like a large mountain to climb, however our innovative engineering makes this possible. The next two years are going to be an incredible journey.’

Minutes Network has a unique commercial model. First, the Mintech technology suite facilitates close to zero-cost termination rates, ensuring the internal value capture from every call terminated is close to 100%. This has never been done before. Secondly, the decentralised and distributed architecture allows the general public to own, operate and benefit from running the Minutes Network node infrastructure. 

´500 Switch Nodes and 2500 Validation nodes will provide capacity to terminate up to 72 million minutes of call traffic every day. This will be one of the first opportunities, if not the first opportunity for the mainstream public to be a part of the telecommunications minutes sector.

Minutes Network’s model at its core, utilises proprietary technologies to leverage call traffic volumes and termination revenues from Tier1 carriers. The market is forecast to increase with a CAGR of 15% up-to 2030, creating the perfect foundation for Minutes Network Token’s reward based sharing economy.

Alex Houssam Berry, Head of Minutes Network Token (MNT), commented ‘All the net revenues of Minutes Network are transformed, on-market, into an MNT reward pool and distributed to network participants. Node owners will undoubtedly be the biggest beneficiaries, but our caller reward programme will do something very special in the world of blockchain. By providing MNT rewards to both parties on every call, we will passively introduce millions of people to the blockchain. As the awareness grows around the network and MNT, we anticipate exponential growth in MNT adoption and utilisation’.

Asked when the public can expect to learn more about the technologies behind Minutes Network, Watkins added ‘Our whitepaper will be released in the near future and will explain much more about our of the proprietary protocols and technologies, and in the meantime, there is much that is already available in the Discovery section of the Minutes Network Token website’.

About Minutes Network:

Minutes Network operates in the $251 billion paid-for voice calling market. Our proprietary, next-generation, technologies deliver the lowest-cost termination charges in the market.

Minutes Network Token (MNT) uses blockchain technologies to decentralise the global scale, multi billion dollar, telecommunications commodity minutes market. MNT tokenises bandwidth and distributes value to Minutes Network participants

For more information go to minutesnetworktoken.io or join the MNT community on telegram https://t.me/minutesnetworktoken

Head of Token
Alex Houssam Berry
Minutes Network Token LLC
+1 914-265-9030

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