‘Not a Hedge Fund’ App OpenHarbor Unlocks Premier Crypto Investing Strategies for Everyday Investors

‘Not a Hedge Fund’ App OpenHarbor Unlocks Premier Crypto Investing Strategies for Everyday Investors

Non-custodial app allows users with Binance accounts to choose among investment strategies with annual percentage yields as high as 182%

SOUTH KOREA, April 19, 2024 - OpenHarbor, a startup building the hedge fund of the future, announced today the launch of its app that gives everyday investors, who want exposure to the growing crypto economy, access to premier crypto investing strategies with annual percentage yields* as high as 182%.  

Traditionally, hedge funds and personalized private wealth experience have been reserved for institutions or high net-worth individuals. OpenHarbor aims to democratize access to financial opportunities by unlocking premier, rigorously backtested quantitative trading strategies for the everyday investor looking to invest in the crypto economy. By downloading the app, OpenHarbor users can start investing with a minimum as low as $100.

“With the introduction of Bitcoin ETFs, it has become clear that cryptocurrencies are now a ‘must-buy’ asset class, but crypto investing remains stubbornly behind. Retail investors either have to choose among a sea of coins or try to join a black-box crypto fund – both options at a high risk of ill-intentioned people stealing your money,” said Tony Kong, Co-Founder and CPO at OpenHarbor. “The absence of a modern, crypto-focused asset management platform is a significant void, and OpenHarbor is leading the way with transparency and integrity.”

Most importantly, OpenHarbor designed a non-custodial, ‘trustless’ investment platform so anyone can experience private wealth management without giving up control over one’s assets. Too many hedge funds – both traditional and crypto – have failed its users by stealing or misappropriating funds. OpenHarbor does not receive user funds, but rather guides users to connect their Binance account through a secure API connection, ensuring that users have full control over their assets at all times. Moreover, users can check real-time data at any time and cancel investment at any time, at no cost.

“The world’s largest taxi firm, Uber, owns no cars. The world’s largest accommodation provider, Airbnb, owns no property. We’ve built OpenHarbor as a non-custodial service because we have a similar ambition – to become the world’s largest hedge fund that doesn’t own a dime.” said Tony. “We offer a seamless mobile interface where users can invest like a client of a world-class hedge fund, but we don’t carry the risk or operational cost of custody. And our users don’t have to worry about the safety and integrity of their assets.”

Each strategy on OpenHarbor’s app has a personality, so users can choose the ones that best fit their investment needs. For instance, a seasoned crypto investor may find the high-risk high-return strategy RAINBOW SPRINKLES appealing. This strategy analyzes real-time market data to identify short-term gains and has the highest expected APY of 182%. On the other hand, SAFE SESAME, a basis arbitrage strategy, is attractive to more conservative investors, who would rather earn a small profit every day than lose money at all. 

To learn more, download OpenHarbor in the App Store or visit www.openharbor.finance. Backtesting data is also available on the app. 

*Annual percentage yield numbers are based on 3 years of backtesting data. More details available on the OpenHarbor app.


OpenHarbor is the hedge fund of the future, bringing premier, quantitative trading strategies to the everyday investor, irrespective of wealth. Its non-custodial, ‘trustless’ model empowers users to fully control their assets while investing like clients of a world-class hedge fund, seeking a radically different model from giants like BlackRock. Unlike legacy players or crypto hedge funds, OpenHarbor is a mobile-first investment platform, enabling retail investors to directly manage their portfolio and make decisions based on real-time reporting. Users can cancel their investments at any time. OpenHarbor’s mission is to democratize access to financial opportunities by building the world’s most user-friendly platform for crypto trading strategies designed for all market conditions. Find OpenHarbor in the App Store, or learn more at www.openharbor.finance.

Media Inquiries: press@openharbor.finance

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