The HUMAN App Launches

The HUMAN App Launches
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According to a recent press release, HUMAN Protocol has announced the launch of the HUMAN App, an application that demonstrates in totality how work published on the Protocol can be used and completed by workforces. Referred to as a gateway to work on the Protocol, users leverage it to complete a plethora of activities like data-labeling tasks and earn rewards in the form of HMT for each task undertaken successfully.

Besides being a financial product, the HUMAN App is a web-based open-source application that allows teams on HUMAN Protocol to quickly create and launch customized solutions. With over 200,000 registered users in the beta phase, the HUMAN App currently runs on the Polygon and Ethereum blockchains, with developers working to have it running on other blockchains.

Utilizing the advanced, low-cost, and scalable nature of the Polygon network, all transactions and withdrawals have been set to be handled on the network. Users will simply need to enter a MATIC wallet address to withdraw funds to their preferred exchange or wallet. Albeit available for everyone to make use of, only verified accounts would have the withdrawal feature, as stated in the official press release.

The HUMAN Protocol has integrated a third-party account verification system, Civic. Prospective users will need to verify their identity through Civic, a verification mechanism that, once set up, can be directly linked to a user's HUMAN App account.

The HUMAN App Showcases What is Possible With the HUMAN Protocol

Speaking to reporters about this Protocol and how the launch of this application will set them apart, the Technology Director at HUMAN Protocol, Harjyot Singh revealed that the HUMAN App is an embodiment of a fraction of what is possible through the Protocol.

The HUMAN App showcases what is possible through HUMAN Protocol: hundreds of thousands of users all completing work on the same network via a simple interface that serves as an access point to the permissionless job markets the Protocol enables. We're thrilled with the success of the beta version and our community's interest in it, and are excited to deliver this major milestone”, the Technology Director stated.

Aimed at demonstrating the potential of the HUMAN Protocol as a platform that will revolutionize the job market, the App will lay the foundation for a world where incentivized millions of people are capable of completing tasks after democratically and transparently being requested and verified to complete these tasks.

What we've already made possible in the machine learning labeling market we can realize elsewhere, and add to the variety and value of tasks on the network”, Singh further told reporters.

The development team is working to incorporate more tasks that encompass a plethora of requirements. Early 2021, the HUMAN App reference implementation, per the team, was enhanced, allowing users to seamlessly manage their reputation, get specific jobs, and have a detailed outline of their qualifications and work experiences.

The HUMAN App is currently available for anyone seeking to complete a set of tasks to earn the native token, HMT. Furthermore, projects interested in the open-source nature of the Protocol will have to visit its Github page to get more information.

In conclusion, the HUMAN Protocol, through the launch of this App, is seeking to reward users for engaging in a wide variety of tasks. As hitherto mentioned, these users will need to have a Civic verified account to enable the withdrawal feature. The introduction of this application will change the job market while also playing a key role in the alleviation of unemployment which has become a major cause of concern for governments and individuals alike. HUMAN Protocol aims at being at the frontline of this struggle to revolutionize the market.

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