The Ultimate Guide to Splash Metaverse “Metasplash”

The Ultimate Guide to Splash Metaverse “Metasplash”
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As digital life keeps on embedding itself in our daily life, Splash has built a unique cosmos called “Metasplash.” Metasplash is a game-changer in the adult content industry and is the best news to any stakeholder out there. Splash has already enlisted a number of real-life models and celebrities to participate. It’s official ambassadors include Katie Morgan, Sunny Lane, Riley Steele, Nicki Delano, and Misty Stone.

The project currently has over 50 top names in the adult entertainment industry on board. This includes the models themselves as well as directors, photographers, producers, and radio talk show hosts. Elon Musk is also known to be on board with NFT marketplaces for adult entertainment with a number of supportive tweets.

NFTs and Metaverse have a massive fan base, despite the fact that the concept is often misunderstood by the wider populace. Even though the internet has already accomplished a lot, it hasn't been as immersive or participatory as what the Metaverse or virtual world can achieve in the future.

Blockchain technology, despite its high objectives, has emerged as the technical foundation that will support the Metaverse and help build a sustainable ecosystem for all of the Metaverse's users. While it is not unreasonable to expect that the Metaverse will have an influence on traditional careers or activities that are pretty much regular fare today, the Metaverse's contribution and how people interact will be substantial.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into Metasplash, how it is related to Metaverse, and why it’s great news for the adult content industry.

Splash and the Metaverse

By adding virtual reality (VR) based wearables, the Metaverse could potentially transform these sectors even more. The interaction will be possible without long trips, dirty air, or even the need to dress up for various events. Children will be able to study different subjects and modules at their own pace and learn more than they can now with classical curriculums.

In a world where digital assets may be exchanged between games, it makes sense to have a standardized currency or some other mechanism for simplifying these transfers. That is where NFTs come into play.

Using NFTs, a person can prove ownership of a digital asset. In the metaverse, items can be easily transferred between users because everything is linked to an NFT. Even better is that games will no longer have to generate their own cash. Cryptocurrency or traditional currency may be used to buy NFTs. When these two technological advances are combined, the result will be the world's most strong and advanced digital economy.

Now that you've had a taste of the metaverse, picture what the adult entertainment industry might look like in the future. The term "Metaverse" took on a whole new meaning with the 3D features of virtual reality and augmented reality. By incorporating AR/VR into the Splash Metaverse ('MetaSplash'), there will be an added element of physicality and dynamic engagement, which are critical components of adult entertainment.

The hottest 18+ NFT marketplace for producers, collaborators and collectors will have a fully integrated digital universe. To put it another way, imagine if the filmmakers, producers, and viewers of make adult content all came together in one roof. That is “metasplash”.

Additionally, the adult entertainment sector will benefit from a slew of new capabilities brought about by this new software platform. One of the features of Metasplash is the auction, where the highest bidder gets the NFT content. Another one is secondary royalties for content providers, which are far easier to implement in an NFT marketplace than they are in the current adult entertainment market.

Splash - Creating Digital Scarcity

What is the economic number rule? Demand and Supply. Having a finite supply of anything increases its worth. In a digital world, making something like art scarce has always been impossible. Fortunately, NFTs are here to put an end to all of that. The core goal of an NFT token is to show ownership.

Essentially, this is the process of generating a virtual scarcity using digital means. The value of real-world collectibles is based solely on the fact that other people can't have them. All of the gold and diamonds are only valuable because someone else is interested in acquiring them. NFTs enable an electronic version of this function.

Although anybody can have the photo, it can only be owned by one individual. As a result of this, viewers will be able to access the content more easily, while the content creators will be rewarded more fairly. Both the content's accessibility and its privacy/security will be improved by this change. For increased exposure, MetaSplash will be able to work with a variety of other blockchains. In the form of an NFT, the content is open for private sale and resale.

However, as with any ecosystem, the MetaSplash's functionality is greatly dependent on how easy it is for individuals to interact in it. Content creators can charge what they want for their work, and the system is more efficient as a result of the elimination of third parties. Another significant market advantage is that the NFT effectively prevents piracy. Content creators can earn a fixed commission when their work is resold.

In terms of tokenomics, the splash pot receives a 2% fee, which is distributed fortnightly to the holder of the diamond hands splash. Each transaction results in a 3% redistribution to all splash holders, creating an incentive to store tokens and earn passive benefits easily. Each transaction generates a 3% liquidity tax, deposited straight into the splash liquidity pool. This maintains liquidity for traders and holders while also providing critical market-making to ensure that orders are filled and slippage is kept to a minimum.

What’s in For the End-user

Unlike Web 2.0 technologies, there are no history recordings retained on device browsers, and privacy is much easier to secure on a blockchain. Also, end consumers benefit from increased security and the fact that the content they purchase doubles as an investment that may be resold. They will be able to purchase and even sell NFT content.

Additionally, they can purchase tokens and hold them to gain passive incentives. In a nutshell, Metasplash offers consumers an infinite number of possibilities. Beneficiaries include creators, collaborators, and collectors.

The Bottom Line

Metasplash encompasses all the most tremendous advancements in blockchain technology and applies them to build a unique universe in the adult entertainment industry. The Metasplash is still a work in progress as there are many other innovations yet to be fully utilized. But as it stands, everyone from content creators, collaborators, and collectors wins in Metasplash. Stay alert for more advancements coming soon.

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