ZeroLend Gears Up for Q1 2024 Token Launch: Seed Round Successfully Closed, Private Round Sees Surge

ZeroLend Gears Up for Q1 2024 Token Launch: Seed Round Successfully Closed, Private Round Sees Surge

Singapore, Singapore, February 20th, 2024, Chainwire

ZeroLend, one of the fastest-growing DeFi protocols in 2024 is set to launch its native governance token ZERO in Q1 2024. Securing 3 million USD at a 25 million valuation, ZeroLend announces the successful closure of its Seed Round, with the Private Round rapidly filling up.

Currently the largest protocol on zkSync and third-largest on Manta in terms of TVL, ZeroLend aims to lead these chains before moving to other L2s and becoming a dominant platform on these chains.

Impressive Growth Reflects ZeroLend's Momentum

ZeroLend is one of the fastest-growing DeFi protocols this year, with a 1500+% growth in TVL from 3 million to 50 million. 

Averaging around 100k Daily Active Users, ZeroLend's Zero Gravity airdrop campaign is a pivotal part of its strategy, highlighting its integration with Pyth and potential future integrations with Manta and zkSync ecosystem partners. 

These incredible growth metrics underscore the increasing popularity and trust users place in ZeroLend's decentralized lending protocol. 

Investors Rally Behind ZeroLend's Vision and Growth

Building on this momentum, the recently secured seed and private round funding will fuel the development and expansion of ZeroLend, a project incubated by MahaDAO. 

Some of the notable VCs in the Seed and Private round include Momentum 6, Blockchain Founders Fund, Morning Star Ventures, Banter Capital, Newman Capital, dVdT, Transform Capital, Cypher Capital, Bison Fund, Ozaru Ventures, iAngels, Krypital, Genblock, viaBTC, GBV and Asteroid Capital.

Apart from VCs, some of the angels include MrBlock from Curve Finance, Pranav Sharma from Woodstock, Michael from Boxmining, Avi Felman from GoldenTree, Nick Rose from Ethernity Chain, Ajeet Khurana from Reflexical, Vijay Pravin from Bitscrunch, Vijay Garg from Mapleblocks and Danish Chaudhary ex-Bitcoin(dot)com, amongst over 100 other VCs and angels

Airdrop Initiatives and Future Plans

As part of its commitment to user engagement and community involvement, ZeroLend is gearing up for a series of airdrop initiatives under its Zero Gravity Campaign to coincide with the launch of its native governance token ZERO. 

This launch signifies a crucial step in ZeroLend's journey, opening the gateway to a series of potential airdrops for ZERO holders. 

An official statement from Danilo Carlucci fromi Morningstar Ventures says: "As an early investor, I'm impressed by ZeroLend's substantial growth and its strategic initiatives like the Zero Gravity campaign and integrations with key partners. I see great potential for ZeroLend to continue its trajectory, becoming a significant player in DeFi across various Layer 2 solutions."

About ZeroLend

ZeroLend is the largest lending protocol on zkSync and the third largest lending protocol on Manta, with a focus on DeFi, lending on RWAs, privacy and account abstraction.


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