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Now That the Defi Markets are Nearing $1 Billion Status What Will Happen Next?

The decentralized finance (DeFi) markets reached an all-time-high of almost $1 billion. As this is happening, many within the crypto space are trying to understand the hidden factors driving this surge. Firstly, Ethereum (ETH) prices are on the upside. The second most popular cryptocurrency is nearing highs of $250. At

CoinMarketCap Adds New Changes To Combat Volume Inflation And Improve Rankings

The leading crypto data aggregator CoinMarketCap (CMC), has introduced new rules set to combat volume inflation, especially by exchanges and improving the overall ranking of crypto platforms and pairings. The move comes after weeks of actively soliciting and reviewing feedback. The new measures follow the already implemented Liquidity Metric effected

Crypto Enthusiasts are Found a New Technique to Make Bitcoin More Private

Bitcoin transactions are being made more complex via CoinJoin mixers. Open-source data compiled by CoinJoin developers indicates the process anonymized 70,000 BTC within May 2020. Hillerbrand, a contributor for the Wasabi Wallet, says this is a big plus for BTC users valuing privacy.

How to Buy Bitcoin: All Your Gateways Into The Cryptocurrency Kingdom

Despite attracting unprecedented attention in the investment landscape, many people still find it difficult to buy bitcoin. More often than not, people identify cryptocurrency as a complex investment niche, which is far from the truth. On the contrary, bitcoin’s decentralized economy relies on the ability of participants to retain

Ternio Announces 6.38% Cryptocurrency Rewards Program on BlockCard

Ternio, a U.S.-based blockchain firm has announced the release of a new rewards program on BlockCard. BlockCard users will be entitled to earn unlimited 6.38% back in cryptocurrency on all BlockCard purchases. BlockCard is a debit card that enables the cardholder to spend the value of their

Ghost Platform Was Attacked by Crypto-Mining Hackers

Ghost, one of the leading open-source online publishing platforms for creators, came under attack on May 3 causing an outage of service. The platform currently has over 750,000 subscribers and 2 million installations. The dev team of the popular blogging platform got to work and identified that their servers

Lockdowns and Social Distancing: A Promising Outlook for Crypto Mainstream Adoption

Without any doubt, coronavirus has altered the everyday lives of people with growing numbers of infected cases and fatalities. For one, experts and authorities have advised us to practice social distancing. In some regions, they have imposed lockdowns to flatten the curve and get a handle on unfolding events. In