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Cryptocurrency Payment Solutions Are The Holy Grail of Crypto Adoption

Cryptocurrencies are about to disrupt the world’s monetary ecosystem and could probably mark a new phase in the evolution of money. With only a decade of existence, the digital asset market has grown to over $364 billion as of press time. This upward trajectory is a result of Bitcoin

How Are Cross-Chain Transactions and Interoperability Saving Blockchain's Blushes?

The blockchain story has captivated heads of nations, CEOs of large enterprises, the entrepreneurship minds of startup teams, as well as the average individual. There is no doubt that this technology has had its fair share of mainstream buzz. And it has spurred a multi-billion-dollar market, slowly coming to terms

How to Reach God-Level in Crypto

When you were celebrating the 2019 Xmas did you think 2020 would be so...ahem..eventful? Someone needs to come out and say it: 2020 was probably the toughest year this generation (you, if you’re reading this text) has ever experienced. There’s a wealth of all sorts of

How Digital Asset Crowdfunding Can Inject New Dynamism to Businesses

The investment climate across the globe is undergoing fundamental changes. Technological advances have made investment advisory services remarkably versatile. Since 2014, the financial planning industry has grown remarkably at over 4.8% annually to a current value of about $60 billion in the USA alone. Globally, it is worth hundreds

Why Digital Assets And Blockchain Technology Can Be The Best Investments You Could Make In 2020

The global economic model is undergoing an enormous transformation, thanks to the internet and innovations like blockchain. The transformation is generating new and impressive opportunities for businesses and investors. But terms like "digital assets" are still new to many investors. A lack of understanding can hold investors from taking advantage

Coronavirus Exposes The Flaw With Sharing Economy Platforms And How Decentralization Can Fix The Sector

A few months ago, things were going great within the sharing economy sector. Uber and fellow ride-sharing competitors were dominating the ground transportation while Airbnb was outperforming even the world's biggest hotel brands when it came to the number of rooms rented and even consumer spending. There were new startups

PlutusDefi Comes Into The Spotlight As The Leading Full-Stack Defi Aggregator

DeFi symbolizes the start of a new era where finance is no longer fully dependent on banking institutions. This turning point came with the realization that the current system is highly inefficient and lacks the adaptability to the rapid pace of technological advancement. Now, with the arrival of blockchain, the