Open Head NFT Delivers the First Ethereum Raffle Project

Open Head NFT Delivers the First Ethereum Raffle Project
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The Open Head NFT has announced its plan to deliver the pioneer raffle project on the block chain space using Ethereum. According to them, the idea for the project was conceived in line with their goal of developing trust and transparency in a decentralized eco-system.

This project was developed by Quim Roca, the Chief Executive Officer of Open Head NFT. The Open Head NFT raffle project is set to launch on the 22ndof January 2022. On this project, the members of the open head community would stake to win prizes in the form of Ethereum. It is geared towards facilitating an open and trust worthy interaction on the NFT space. Finally, it integrates an on-chain Ethereum architecture, smart contracts that are audited and certain project ethics to further promote transparency.

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The Open head NFT raffle would be funded with profits made from the project itself and the first ever price would be a sum of 100 ETH. Subsequent raffles would be announced on a monthly basis and wins would be determined by the amount of community support the project gains for each month.

The platform plans to integrate rarity tools and rarity snipers and also expand its pool of merchandise in the NFT marketplace. In order to facilitate inclusivity and community expansion, Open Head plans to create partnerships across countries.

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Every transaction at the raffle project would be visible to the community through a public ledger and is verifiable by anybody that wants to. Also, the smart NFT contracts in the raffle project would be audited by a neutral third party that would as the project progresses.

According to the CEO, the project is part of his plans to keep the NFT space exciting and on the track of the ideals that led to its creation.  He further stated that the response they have gotten so far has been impressive and he encouraged anyone that loves NFT to check open head out.

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