10 questions for the HeadHunter Team

10 questions for the HeadHunter Team

With the NFT sector exploding in 2021, a lot of projects offering these unique tokens have emerged in recent months. One of the most notable ones that emerged quite recently is HeadHunter — an NFT project that offers Heads, which are digital art collectibles created by an accomplished artist, RektmeRev.

The project offers 666 Head, each of which provides the user with their own private NFT island. More than that, this digital piece of land allows users to display their NFTs, and even create an entire trophy room dedicated to this purpose. Best of all, users can also display third-party NFTs, meaning that they can use this as a go-to gallery for all the NFTs they own.

On top of that, everyone who purchases Heads will have a say in the project’s governance, they get access in the interactive NFT marketplace under the principle of Barter and Partial Barter, they are entitled to a share of the project’s profit, and, in time, they will also get the ability to trade their NFTs and buy those that they did not manage to get initially, if they feel passionate about owning them. The project’s main goal is to solve two of the biggest issues that collectors of pretty much anything have to deal with — storing and displaying their collectibles.

The NFT market is huge these days. Did its success inspire you to create HeadHunter, or was that the plan even before NFTs became a trend?

A little bit of both. Ever since I found out what an NFT was, I harbored a desire to have a presence within the space. That being said, it was not until the success of DontBuyMeme, where the idea of creating an NFT project started to take root.

Are there plans to create more than 666 Heads in the future?

Yes and no. This particular set will be completed after the 666th Head is minted. If the reception is positive and community demand high, we would absolutely consider creating a new Heads line. People need to understand that the functionality of the original 666 will remain intact and not ever be diluted if new lines are introduced in the future.

Can you briefly explain the principle of Barter and Partial Barter?

It may sound silly, but I have very fond memories of trading various Yu Gi Oh cards with my classmates during recess, and that is what the barter system is. People can offer/counter-offer any combination of NFTs and currency they would like.

What do you consider to be the biggest benefit of collecting Heads?

I believe and truly hope that the answer to that question is different for various collectors. One person may love the art, while another could be drawn in by the profit-sharing we offer on the platform.

Are the digital galleries compatible with all other NFTs?

We are currently focused on Eth NFTs but would love to expand the gallery functionality to include NFTs on other chains. A lot of that will come down to the demand and community desire.

How does profit sharing work within the HeadHunter project?

We will be releasing details and specifics very soon. Simply put, the Head NFTs will serve as governance tokens. The holders will have the ability to implement different secondary fee strategies. The holders will receive a minimum of 25 percent of all profits generated either by the marketplace or the secondary sales of the Heads.

Eventually, you envisioned a sandbox experience that will come with the galleries. What does that mean?

So each Head will grant you access to your own personal gallery. The idea is to eventually interconnect all 666 of the galleries through an overworld/hub world. We are hoping that by doing this, the experience becomes more like going to a museum rather than eBay.

What do the users need to do to gain access to the galleries?

Each Head will unlock one gallery. There will be ways for Multi-Head/Gallery owners to capitalize on opportunities made available to them.

Can there be multiple heads per gallery, or is each NFT tied to a different, private gallery? What is the next step for the project?

The next step will be the release of the NFTs. We have a strategic partnership with Mask Network (Mask.io), and they will be auctioning all 666 NFTs exclusively through a Twitter auction. While precise details are still be discussed, the release schedule will see around 9 NFTs being auctioned daily.

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