12-Year-Old Artist Makes Millions from Art Sales as NFTs

12-Year-Old Artist Makes Millions from Art Sales as NFTs
Photo by Donny Jiang / Unsplash

Nyla Hayes, a 12-year-old digital artist, has made a couple of millions for herself from the sale of her digital arts in the form of NFTs. Nyla has an Instagram page that has less than 5,000 followers. The page is currently being managed by her mother, and it serves as her art gallery where her works are displayed. She is particularly known for her design named Long Neckies Ladies (LNL) collection. In addition, she founded NFT Children’s Day.

Nyla was said to have started drawing by hand since she was four years old and digitally by nine years old after her parents got her a mobile phone. Her unique digital collection was inspired by the childhood show, which featured dinosaurs – Brontosaurus, thus the elongated images of different women.

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To reduce the sale of fake NFTs and prevent dubious people from defrauding people, Twitter started verifying authentic digital artists who sell them as NFTs and ensuring the digital arts’ authenticity. This is one of the many reasons digital artists, including Nyla Hayes, are verified on different social media platforms.

After being introduced to NFTs by her uncle, Nyla further learned how it is created, works and sold on YouTube. From the sale of her LongNeckieLadies collection, she has made over 960 ETH, which is $4.1 million at the time of writing this news. She has, in fact, become TIMEPieces’ first Artist-in-Residence. This is a web community of TIME.

Keith A. Grossman, President of TIME, while unveiling her as the first of the Artist-in-Residence campaign, referred to her and her collection as an inspiration to many people in the NFT space. He further said that Nyla has positioned herself as a leading example to ‘the next generation of emerging artists.’

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