$600 million Poly Network hacker offered a job

$600 million Poly Network hacker offered a job

Poly Network is offering a high-level gig to the individual who recently exploited the network to the tune of $600 million.

As reported by BTC PEERS, the attacker has returned the entire amount stolen in the exploit, earning himself the title of “Mr. White Hat.” The hacker was also offered a $500k bounty bonus, an offer that is yet to be accepted. The network assured that it will not prosecute the individual.

It is important to reiterate that Poly Network has no intention of holding Mr. White Hat legally responsible, as we are confident that Mr. White Hat will promptly return full control of the assets to Poly Network and its users.

Interestingly, Poly Network has decided to compensate the goodwill of the hacker by offering a high-ranking position in the firm. The job offer is yet to be accepted by the hacker. Also, the earlier reward of $500k has been turned down as well.

To date, the actual identity of the hacker remains unknown. No one knows whether it was staged by a single attacker or an organized group of people.

Poly Network praised the hacker for an “outstanding contribution to Poly Network’s security enhancements,” adding that the company’s ambitions are in line with the hacker’s vision for decentralized finance (DeFi) and the crypto space.

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