A New York-based Artist Sells over $200,000 NFTs of Art

A New York-based Artist Sells over $200,000 NFTs of Art
Photo by ian dooley / Unsplash

Elise Swopes is a New York-based graphic designer and photographer. Her photos are of expansive cityscapes of New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Portland, and Denver, which she takes with drones, helicopter rides, or skyscrapers. For her NFTs, she combines the animations of the cityscapes with digital elements of Mother Nature, animals, and jungle elements. A portion of the proceeds of her work that depicted giraffes, the Nifty Gateway Collection, which sold out in minutes, was donated to the Somali Giraffe Project.

Elise always wanted her works to be displayed in the museum, and she felt that the NFT space was the perfect platform. She showcases the NFTs in the digital gallery in CryptoVocals. In addition, she has collaborated with Google, Lyft, Uber, Lenovo, Nike, Sony, and Adobe and carried out a social media campaign with Moncler, Adidas, and Coach.

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According to her, although the NFT has given her "a voice of representation in many ways, there is a bit of difficulty with the NFT community as far as representation of people of color and black women specifically, women have barely made any sales in the last 21 months." She told CNBC that even online, "she does not garner support when she talks about inclusivity." In the words of Elise Swoopes,

"they find it uncomfortable to be accountable with wealth distribution, especially with how much money a lot of these people have made. So, I find myself having a lot of responsibility as not just a woman, but a woman of color in this community who understands the perspective and can put myself in different people's shoes."

The NFT market is limitless and a platform for self-expression. She plans to start up a Sunrise Art club in the coming year. A club that will support women of color through programs and funding.

Swopes' works are available on Nifty Gateway and SuperRare. Elise would earn about 10-15% royalty from the resale of her NFT artworks.

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