A play-to-earn game based on NFT and with a classic 8-bit aesthetic set to be released

A play-to-earn game based on NFT and with a classic 8-bit aesthetic set to be released
Photo by Alina Prokudina / Unsplash

Despite the booming nature of the blockchain gaming business, there are still significant gaps. Users have been limited to collectible models due to the earning systems in blockchain games. The video game business is rapidly decentralizing. Play-to-earn (P2E) games are leading the way in terms of new advances nowadays. They've added digital identities, in-game assets, and ownership to the game. These games demonstrate how the physical and digital worlds are linked. While blockchain games are still popular, the majority of them feature collectible models. As the community grows and demand increases, the value of the assets increases. As a result, consumers are compelled to buy and wait, which limits their gaming experience.

Bit Hotel is a more current and up-and-coming gaming platform that is attempting to break into the blockchain gaming market. The P2E-based NFT platform offers an 8-bit gaming concept akin to the old-school flash game Habbo Hotel. Bit Hotel aims to address the aforementioned flaws. It aims to accomplish so by allowing users to personalize their user IDs and in-game identities. One step toward that goal is the debut of its in-game currency, the Bit Hotel Token (BHT), as well as an eight-Launchpad Roadshow to get gamers on board early, five of which have already sold out.

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The project will create new amusing characters, hold a major land sale, and provide monthly incentives to join the Hotel community to involve the community better. Users will be able to choose from a variety of personalities and locations. As a result, they will be able to set themselves apart from their competitors. In the same way, Bit Hotel has tradable in-game NFTs, such as cute characters and rooms. It also features accessories with their own set of benefits that a gamer can trade on the open market. They can also use the rooms for meetings and social gatherings.

Bit Hotel will create an NFT marketplace shortly after the token generation event (TGE) on December 23, where Bit Hotel NFTs will be traded.

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