A review of Dacxi’s Wealth Building Platform: Is it genuine?

A review of Dacxi’s Wealth Building Platform: Is it genuine?
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One of the most important things a business can offer is trust.

Nowadays, with Google making it easy for people to do their own research, building trust is more challenging than ever. Good companies can easily be labeled scams by unscrupulous marketers with undeclared conflicts of interest. Even companies with exceptional records are prey to online trolls who defame them for their commercial benefit. So before we explore the legitimacy of Dacxi, let’s explore how to recognize the legitimacy of online reviews.

In Google search results, how can you tell the fact from the fiction?

Are the people claiming to be independent reviewers really on your side? Or are they simply after a commission for redirecting you to their own partners? And how can you tell the difference?

A common tactic used by unscrupulous marketers is the ‘bait-and-switch’. They state that "X site is a SCAM!", typically using capital letters. This click-bait style is designed to get you racing to hear the juicy details.

That's the bait. Next comes the switch.

After having maligned a company, they will immediately recommend one of their partners. And if they can fool visitors into signing up for their partners’ offer, they get paid. These reviewers pretend to be public watchdogs, but they aren't really on your side. Genuine review sites don’t come with conflicts of interest.

So, how do you tell if you're looking at an affiliated site rather than an informative, independent review? Try clicking on one of their partner links. Watch the URL change, and you'll likely see some strange tracking code in the web address – something like this:


That's an affiliate tracking code. It means the site is tracking you through a sales process. And that means, if you were to sign up for the offer, the site you came from would get a commission.

Most marketers are good actors. A real public watchdog would avoid any potential conflict of interest, and they wouldn’t hide their true identity. So anyone who puts their real name to a site is likely legit. However, the bad actors are easy to spot using a little detective work. They don’t disclose conflicts of interest, and they hide their real identities. So always check to see if a review site has genuine contact details and discloses all their affiliate associations, before making a call on its legitimacy.

Dacxi has fallen victim to some bad actor marketing sites.

Search "Dacxi Review" on Google, and you'll likely see some bad actors using the shady tactics mentioned above.

"It's a frustrating problem", says Ian Lowe, Dacxi's CEO. "We don't have a problem with genuine reviews. What we find most disappointing are outright lies and misrepresentation."

Dacxi is currently taking legal action against many of these bad actors. However, rather than focus on the negative, the company prefers to build good relationships and trust over time. So, how does a company go about building trust? There's no shortcut. As the old saying goes, "trust must be earned".

Dacxi: A case study in building trust

Dacxi is a global Crypto Wealth company that launched five years ago. Dacxi’s mission is to help people build their wealth by buying and holding strategic crypto-assets for the long term. It's no 'get-rich-quick' scheme. It's more about building wealth slowly – with a time-frame of years, not days or months. Here are a few key ways Dacxi has built its customers’ trust over the years.

Online review sites

When scoping out a company, potential customers often turn to big, legitimate review sites like Trustpilot. On Trustpilot, you'll see that Dacxi has a high 'Trust Score.' 94% of reviewers rate Dacxi as 'excellent', and the written customer reviews support that score.

Of course, some negative reviews will always make an appearance, too. But the same goes for all companies. Look up the reviews for Tesla, for example. If you took the negativity at face value, you would probably never see a single Tesla on the road. But people clearly trust Tesla, despite some outlier poor reviews.

Industry review and performance tracking websites

Positive ratings on industry-specific sites are also important. Because Dacxi has its own cryptocurrency, Dacxi Coin, you can explore the company’s positive ratings on the big coin rating websites like Coin Gecko and Coin Market Cap.

You can see how Dacxi Coin has been trading, and what traders think of it. Although all cryptocurrencies are volatile, and sentiment tends to correspond to how well their current price is tracking, Dacxi typically has a high positive rating. The point here is that cryptocurrency traders have been following Dacxi's progress and investing in it for several years, giving it a proven track record.

The company website

A company’s website is also an important trust-building tool. On Dacxi’s site, customers can see detailed information about the company, its products, and importantly, its senior team.

Potential customers doing due diligence can note down the names of the senior managers and then look them up on LinkedIn. Look for their work history, explore their connections, and build an understanding of the circles they move in and their business interests. If they have built up a solid career, they’re unlikely to risk it all to get involved in an organization you can't trust.

In the financial industry, the products on offer are often very complex, and detailed information commonly isn’t available online. This is because specific regulations are involved, which means the nitty-gritty must be left to individual follow-up. That said, the website should overall offer a deep and complex picture of the product. Especially if government regulators require disclosure statements. While regulation is only coming slowly to the crypto industry, there are still some documents (like compliance statements) that you might be able to download.

Financial companies like Dacxi also need to adhere to Know Your Customer (KYC) as part of the new customer onboarding process. For example, to access the Dacxi Exchange, users must complete their KYC process, which requires a government-issued photo ID and proof of address.

Clear contact details

Trustworthy companies should be easily contactable. Often this is through a contact form on their website. If they’re an international business with customer support staff working from different locations worldwide, there may be several different contact options. Dacxi provides a number of different ways to contact the team, depending on the customer’s specific request. Once you've submitted your contact request, take note of how long it takes to get a reply – and once it arrives, how detailed it is. It's good to ask for specific information that only a legitimate company would have.

Trust in experts

Trusted companies invest heavily in attracting and training skilled and knowledgeable employees. In the case of cryptocurrency, the specialist knowledge required to work in customer service creates a significant barrier to entry for untrustworthy companies. That level of expertise is simply too hard to fake.

Another great way to do some easy due diligence is to subscribe to the company's newsletter or blog post alerts. You can judge how serious a company is by assessing the amount of information they generate, and how much effort they put into keeping their clients updated. Are they building a genuine relationship with their customers?

Dacxi's newsletter is emailed out to their subscriber base weekly. It’s full of industry news and updates that their clients will find of interest. Dacxi invites subscribers to watch interactive webinars, and even attend the occasional live event where customers can meet Dacxi staff face-to-face.

Dacxi also has two ways to assess how much trust you can place in their crypto wealth-building services.

Education and community

Companies that invest heavily in their customers’ education tend to earn their trust and lifetime business. This is why Dacxi regularly publishes educational resources for its customers via Dacxi LEARN.

Dacxi LEARN is a crypto academy designed for private individuals and financial professionals who want to learn the ins and outs of investing in cryptocurrencies. It provides premium educational resources and tools, including written and video content. Dacxi LEARN holds regular educational webinars, which have built up a strong community following – largely among Dacxi clients in the UK and Australia. Although anyone, anywhere in the world, can join Dacxi LEARN and benefit from the material available.

Dacxi also builds relationships with its customers by building communities, such as ‘Women Who Crypto’. Designed just for women who are interested in crypto, it’s a highly active online community – including regular webinars hosted by women in senior positions at Dacxi. These webinars feature women from the Dacxi community telling their own life-changing crypto investment stories. These sessions are fun and involving, and community participation is encouraged. Katharine Wooller, MD of Dacxi UK and Ireland, is a leading light of ‘Women Who Crypto’. Katharine is the ‘go to’ person for major news media, like the BBC, who want expert commentary on the crypto industry.


When trying to assess the legitimacy of a company, the crypto industry can be more complicated than most – simply because it's so new. Even old and long-established crypto businesses might only be six years old; most have been around for less than three years. But don't let that deter you. If you follow the steps above – using Dacxi as an example – you should be able to confidently place your trust in the crypto companies of your choice.

Check out the Dacxi Crypto Wealth Platform today.

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