Aave and Axie Infinity join forces to promote blockchain-powered nexus of finance and gaming

Aave announced it has partnered with Axie Infinity in a promotional project for a financial and gaming nexus powered by blockchain. Season 13 of the Axie Community Alpha will be funded by Aave and AAVE will make protocol tokens valued at more than $4,000 in awards for winners. Apart from the money, AAVE token holders can also gain a limited edition Aave themed NFT, which is a special character to use in the Axie Infinity Universe. A blockchain activity tracker revealed that Axie Infinity is currently the most popular game on the Ethereum blockchain, starting from less than 100 active users in June to over 1,200 per day in November. It is estimated that the battle rewards will be bigger alongside the growing partnership between the two parties.

Why it matters: Blockchain based gaming is one of the biggest potential areas for growth. There are lots of ways that blockchain can be integrated into gaming platforms, and also empower gamers to own their items directly. Gaming companies have been in control of the platforms since the inception of modern gaming, but that era may be coming to an end. As the rapid growth of users on Axie Infinity demonstrates, there is a market for blockchain based games that will likely grow as more games are introduced to the space. It is hard to overstate the potential for blockchain-based games, as the gaming market is both enormous and global.

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