AEXLAB Introduces a New Wave of Evolutionary NFTS

AEXLAB Introduces a New Wave of Evolutionary NFTS
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The NFT sector is still in its early phases, and it is anticipated to grow into a multi-billion dollar industry over the next several years. The near-infinite possibilities of the technology are fueling analysts' optimism.

Unlike cryptocurrencies, which are fungible tokens, each NFT is a unique individual token, or "non-fungible," and traceable on the blockchain. As a result, new possibilities emerge, with NFTs being integrated with gaming industries in which NFTs represent in-game items, putting gamers and developers at the heart of the ecosystem. Developers can use NFTs to connect with their users, and because users own their NFTs, they can buy and sell them on an open market.

The merging of NFTs in VR is hugely important because of VR's pivotal position in the metaverse. To bridge that gap would be a game-changer for both gamers and developers across the board.

Until now, NFTs have only been available as collectibles. Individual NFTs don't grow or change over time. AEXLAB's NFTs are among the first a wave of evolutionary NFTs that can acquire new traits while being used in-game.

VR Will Become the Backbone of the Metaverse

According to an article by Fuentitech, the metaverse value is predicted to exceed $80 billion dollars by 2025. Users are more sure than ever that the metaverse, in which 3D digital representations of things, including people, will be the future of the internet.

Facebook is heavily investing in their popular Virtual Reality (VR) headset, Oculus. Their objective is to lower the cost of entry for gamers and non-gamers alike, cutting out competition. They are also looking to greatly expand their team to help develop their metaverse, which further demonstrates how powerful the concept is. If Facebook goes as far as to change its name to "Meta," it signals a rigid priority switch. When billion-dollar companies give something their full attention, it's time to take notes.

Facebook's entry is a sign of things to come. Virtual reality, in all likelihood, will be one of the most disruptive technologies over the next few years, perhaps permanently altering how people communicate and travel.

Using virtual reality, it would be possible to redefine how people experience their lives, aiding in self-discovery and more thanks to the infinite possibilities presented. New job opportunities, art forms, and even therapy.

Virtual reality will also be the new paradigm for video calling as a result of digital avatars and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). The ability to sit in a room with someone half the world away is much more immersive and personal than a face on a screen.

With all of these possibilities, the metaverse will see many new kinds of interaction, furthering the immersiveness of blockchain games, collectibles, and more. These are the under-explored frontiers that AEXLAB aims to pioneer.

AEXLAB  is Building the Metaverse from the Ground Up

The idea of AEXLAB goes back to 2015 when Jonathan Ovadia, an avid gamer and visionary, saw the potential of the metaverse and how virtual reality can shape gaming for the future. As a bold entrepreneur overcoming obstacles, he helped AEXLAB begin its journey. Following his study of fundraising techniques, he generated a successful grassroots crowdfunding initiative in February 2021, oversubscribing his goals from thousands of investors.

AEXLAB now has a full team of professionals, including development, creative, and legal teams working together to make virtual reality part of our reality. AEXLAB is an independent, autonomous studio with the technical capacity to do things that were previously considered impossible. There are no standards or norms to follow, no shareholders to satisfy. The team is unburdened by cumbersome requirements.

AELAB's signature experience, VAIL VR, leverages virtual reality technology to offer new immersive, one-of-a-kind, and interactive experiences to players all over the world. It is inspired by community input and bolstered by fundamental principles of trust and integrity. VAIL VR showcases the company's technological abilities with full body presence, haptic feedback, and pinpoint control.

AEXLAB already has already collaborated with Red Bull and Epic Games, among others, to create new VR experiences. But VAIL VR will be a one-of-a-kind game and trendsetter in the metaverse because of its focus on community building.

Evolutionary NFTs - VAILENS - Will be Available on Metadrop

The VAIL VR AI-generated Virtual Pets--dubbed VAILENS--will be sold as NFTs at an official auction on Metadrop from November 30th, 2021. Players who want to get early access to the industry-changing game may sign up beforehand.

The VAILIEN is tradeable and has a limited supply of just 8,888. After the preview on Nov 30th, 6,000 VAILIENS will be sold by live auction every day for the following six days. The remainder will go to early investors — 1,500 in all — as well as promoting the community through contests, lottery prizes, and other marketing methods.

VAILENS are each unique and stored on the blockchain for transparancy and player ownership. They will be central to VAIL VR, with special appearances and rare attributes.

Benefits of Holding VAIL VR's VAILENS

As previously stated, the main distinction between VAILENS and other NFTs is their role in the VR game.

They will interact with the player's in-game avatar, responding to basic commands and touch.

As the game matures and more functionalities are introduced, these NFTs will be used by players in races, combat, and other immersive activities.

VAILIENS also provide certain advantages to holders. This includes the opportunity to try out Alpha and Beta versions of the game, as well as membership in the VAIL VR SOCIAL club, a worldwide community of active players in close contact with developers who have influence over the game's development.

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