'Aleks Paunovic of 'Hawkeye' and 'Van Helsing' to Star in NFT Sci-Fi Series 'GenZeroes'

'Aleks Paunovic of 'Hawkeye' and 'Van Helsing' to Star in NFT Sci-Fi Series 'GenZeroes'
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A different dimension to NFT has been introduced with the proposed launch of a live-action NFT show. The project is one of the first live-action NFT shows and will consist of ten episodes supplemented with motion graphic comic books. Aleks Paunovic, who starred in Hawkeye and Van Helsing, is scheduled to feature in and be the executive producer of the sci-fi NFT series, GenZeroes. Episodes are scheduled to begin airing in early March., pending funding.

As reported by Deadline, The concept of the project is set 200 years after an extra-terrestrial invasion decimated the Earth and ten groups battle for control of humanity's future. The director is Kimani Ray Smith. Matt Venables and Jeremy Smith, who wrote Van Helsing, will serve as showrunners. Additionally, they will executive produce with Neil Stevenson-Moore. The Canadian business House of Kibaa is producing the film, and currently, additional casting is taking place.

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A live-action series, comic books, and toys comprise the "GenZeroes Universe." only viewers who have bought an NFT on the House of Kibaa's website will have exclusive access to the GenZeroes series. Each level of NFT ownership confers distinct advantages, the highest of which allows for fractional ownership of the series.

According to Paunovic, one of the most prominent actors to invest in an NFT film or television production,

"There is nothing more thrilling than being an artist on an artist-driven platform. This initiative is dedicated to sci-fi fans and provides them with several opportunities to become involved. It is a new era in entertainment, and I am thrilled to be a part of it."

In the words of Neil Stevenson-Moore,

"House of Kibaa Productions is committed to becoming the destination for the television and film communities seeking to use NFTs authentically.  We are delighted to be collaborating with industry heavyweights such as Aleks, Jeremy, and Matt on our debut project."

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