Answerly Set to Release Series of NFTs on Stellar Blockchain

Answerly Set to Release Series of NFTs on Stellar Blockchain
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Answerly, one of the leading crypto question and answer [Q/A] platforms, via a recent press release, will be introducing 50 NFTs on the Stellar blockchain.

The proliferation of the crypto market has resulted in the introduction and launch of various platforms and trends, NFTs or non-fungible tokens as they are fondly called, a part of these emerging trends. Jumping on the wagon is Answerly, a platform that offers users rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies for asking and providing answers to questions. Akin to the existing reward platforms that reimburse writers, Answerly sauntering an untrodden path, is paying users in digital currencies which can be withdrawn from their Stellar wallet.

Answerly NFT Sale

According to an official statement released by the platform, it launched its first-ever NFT a few months ago, which, per the aforementioned source, sold out immediately. Following this remarkable achievement, the Q/A platform is expected to launch a set of NFTs on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021, on the Stellar blockchain.

These NFTs, as found in the official statement, will be released weekly and will be based on varying themes ranging from sports to arts, abstract, and surprisingly, superheroes.

With ANSR, the crypto reward platform’s native token already listed on a plethora of exchanges, the introduction of these 50 NFTs will help to stabilize Answerly Tokens, as revealed by the cited press release. Furthermore, Answerly's development team disclosed that users will be able to buy these non-fungible tokens via the app using ANSR tokens. This decision, as revealed by the development team, is one that they hope will benefit them now and in the long run.

With a firm belief that creating and releasing more NFTs will aid awareness and an exponential rise in the value of the Answerly token, the Q/A platform would be adding more of these tokens for sale.

Leveraging blockchain technology and the $10.6 billion crypto gaming industry, Answerly, will guarantee users not only ownership of these unique assets but will help them earn. Using the Litemint NFT marketplace which is powered by the Stellar blockchain, the reward platform has gathered over 50,000 players.

Zain Haider, co-founder of the Q/A platform when speaking to reporters revealed that the revenue generated from this NFT sale will be used to efficiently provide liquidity to the ANSR token, then buy back at a lesser price.

In that way, the prices for Answerly tokens will be stabilized”, Zain Haider revealed.

Answerly YouTube Channel

In a bid to promote this NFT sale, Answerly has decided to launch a YouTube channel that will be committed to answering questions that revolve around “What ifs”. As stated, one video will be released every day, each containing a 20 seconds promotion of Answerly, the ANSR token, and the Stellar decentralized blockchain network.

Speaking to reporters about this NFT release and the decision to utilize the Stellar network, Raza Rizvi, the CEO of Answerly, stated unequivocally that inaugurating the marketplace on Stellar blockchain will help to dispel the rising cost of blockchain fees, as seen on the Ethereum network, as well as making NFTs accessible to all and sundry.

Since lesser fees will allow everybody to mint NFTs, they can put any price on items that suit their business needs”, the CEO further disclosed.

Albeit a nascent platform in the crypto space, Answerly seeks to provide users with a viable passive income source. Integrating a plagiarism checker, the question and answer platform is on a mission to re-introduce credibility and authenticity, two lacking yet important aspects of online content.

Leveraging Stellar blockchain, the reward platform thrives to foster a community where users can draw ANSR tokens but receive XLM [Stellar’s native token] or USD in their wallets.

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