Apollo NFT Data and Tracking Dashboard are now Available on Pegaxy

Apollo NFT Data and Tracking Dashboard are now Available on Pegaxy
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Pegaxy, a completely futuristic horse racing simulation that combines ancient Greek mythology with contemporary cyberpunk looks while offering a highly competitive racing atmosphere, recently announced the release of the much-anticipated statistics and tracking dashboard for its platform. Stable owners now have access to a trove of data to help them in their high-octane equestrian endeavors on the Pegaxy platform. In addition, the platform runs on the Polygon Network, which means it has rapid transaction rates and minimal gas costs without compromising security.

Polygon is a fully functional multi-chain system that combines the best of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains. This multi-chain system is similar to Polkadot, Cosmos, Avalanche, and others. Still, it has at least three main advantages, including the ability to fully benefit from Ethereum's network effects, being fundamentally more secure, and being more open and powerful.

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The latest application, named Apollo, will provide a unique platform for displaying all of the knowledge required to become a legendary participant, allowing gamers to track tokens won, racehorse performances, win rate, leasing agreements, and access the overall platform data and NFT floor prices. The software is also suited for computers, tablets, laptops, and cellphones, allowing users to get critical race information on the go.

Players compete in free races with a variety of metal-winged horses they can buy on the in-game marketplace, earning the local $VIS currency in the process. Additionally, owners can securely lease out assets and breed horses for personal profits through the integrated loan platform.

Pegaxy wants to become the Metaverse's home of horse racing while also providing an ecosystem where users can play, interact, and work in the same place, thanks to deliberate development and community feedback. As a result, people in developing nations will play the game for free and earn money throughout the global epidemic.

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