Appswarm Launches First NFT Marketplace

Appswarm Launches First NFT Marketplace
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The firm announced the launch on its official website and is excited to launch their marketplace, tagged “NFT DogeHub,” which is a Dogecoin marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens and other Metaverse products. The NFT DogeHub offers an NFT platform that allows Dogecoin owners to buy NFT and Metaverse products such as the following: music, artwork, real estate, collectables, virtual worlds and gaming products on the marketplace.

Users within the marketplace would have the capacity also to peruse through and purchase various kinds of NFT products, which they can then proceed to either trade or resell on other secondary marketplaces once they have completed their purchase on the NFT DogeHub marketplace. Essentially, this is a union of Doge and the Metaverse, as customers will also buy Metaverse products utilizing their Dogecoin thereby resulting in a kind of gateway between Doge and the Metaverse.

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The company intends to also partner with other NFT content creators and art galleries that would like to sell their NFT collections to holders of Dogecoin. Additionally, AppSwarm will also launch its first NFT products in the coming days.

AppSwarm is a tech-based firm specializing in developing and publishing mobile applications and other kinds of software for business and gaming applications and aims to acquire business opportunities. AppSwarm also collaborates with and helps other firms interested in developments in building technology development, meeting their funding needs and business management.

This recent development offers respite and support to the Dogecoin, which would serve as the primary currency that would be utilized for all transactions on the NFT DogeHub. As such, the coin is expected to make an improved rise according to some estimates and offers it the opportunity to move beyond the sphere of control of its billionaire “Dogefather” Elon Musk, who has been at the forefront of efforts towards popularizing the usage of the coin.

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