Launches First Decentralized Real Estate NFT Marketplace Launches First Decentralized Real Estate NFT Marketplace
Photo by Avi Waxman / Unsplash is a pioneer in PropTech, FinTech real estate, and hybrid real estate investment. The PropTech giant has unveiled the world's first global blockchain-powered real estate crowdfunding platform, making real estate investing as simple as investing in stocks. During the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai, UAE, which was hosted with Gitex 2021, has again exhibited prowess as the first worldwide blockchain platform to enable fractional NFT for properties.

With this development, investors will invest in property infractions such as shares in a property through By allowing fractional ownership, will offer liquidity to the real estate business. Although real estate has been regarded as one of the most favored investment assets, as it is difficult to penetrate the market as an investor due to the daily growing prices. The creation of fractional investment by will open the real estate market to more willing and interested investors.

The Founder and CEO of Aqarchain, Waqas Nakhwa of Indian descent, said, "Our flagship product, the platform, is a real estate crowdfunding investment platform. By minting an NFT, every real estate asset will be digitized. This will be fractionalized further into fractional tokens that represent a portion of the asset."

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Each fractional token of the NFT represents one share of the asset. The tokenized share is beneficial to both buyers and sellers since it allows anybody to transfer ownership without incurring high overhead expenses quickly. It allows for simpler liquidation and efficiency when transferring these shares. In addition, will use the DAO governance model, in which fractional token owners vote on the property's governance, value appreciation, or depreciation returns, and which properties are featured on the network.

"We are selling a dream here", says Mr. Nakhwa. People will pay as little as USD 500 for a piece of an apartment and then claim the rent according to their share of the property. We also want to dispel the notion that purchasing real estate is difficult and can only be done by owning a fortune.

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