Argentina's Parliament to present new bill for crypto framework

Argentine congressman Ignacio Torres is preparing a bill to present a framework for crypto in Argentina’s Parliament. In a conversation with Cointelegraph en Español, Efraín Barraza, Operations Manager of Athena Bitcoin in Argentina, and Alberto Vega, CEO of Bithan showed interest in holding a discussion and debate about blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies in Argentina, highlighting the need of involving in the conversation. Efraín Barraza expects the new bill will be a protected shield for users and investors.

He commented,

We understand that the ecosystem, in order to grow, cannot be outside the law. If there is no regulation, things like scams arise, like Onecoin, for example.” Alberto Vega explained: “It is important to take into account where Argentina stands now and how we can get the benefits of being a pioneer country in the crypto sphere.”

Vega believes Argentina needs to leverage the crypto ecosystem to boost the economy and avoid vague regulatory policies. It is therefore essential to have everyone carry these disruptive developments. Barraza clarified that every asset has its own regulations. People have specific rules to protect themselves and the regulator can not surpass or exceed existing principles. But he cautioned that it is not the way the crypto industry functions. Barraza stated, “The nature of the token is that it can work for many different things in the real world. We are trying in some way, to give it a framework.”

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