Armenian Artist Auctions and Sells her Art and Ovary as NFT

Armenian Artist Auctions and Sells her Art and Ovary as NFT
Photo by Deon Black / Unsplash

An Armenian, Narine Arakelian, a 42-year-old multimedia artist, has sold one of her ovaries as a Non-fungible token at Art Basel Miami Beach, USA. She is a mother of one, a 21-year-old son. The digital artist expects that the purchaser of her art utilizes the egg to reproduce their children. She referred to her arts as her children and was excited that her egg, in particular, could create children. Narine refers to the concept as being incredible and wants to sell the egg to couples who are yet to have a child of their own.

She auctioned and sold one of her ovaries and her latest work, a painting she labeled Love, Hope, Live. They were both sold off as a non-fungible token (NFT) and a physical creation of the painting. Although arts have always been sold as NFTs, this is unusual as it contains a code that links to an agreement that promises any person who purchases one of the ovaries of Narine Arakelian. This has been regarded as one of the most controversial NFT sales since the outbreak and rush of NFTs.

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According to her, the child born from using her ovarian egg will be a child instead of a piece of art. She said that the art will always be unique to the purchaser because it brought them their child. This is taking the phrase - priceless art - to a higher realm because what price can you place on an ovarian egg? Narine further stated that concerning the surgical procedure, she would undergo it under the full supervision of doctors and other experts.

The price of the sale of the NFT has not been disclosed yet, but since it is an auction and the sale is to the highest bidder, it can be said that the price will be on the high side!

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