Artist Releases NFTs of Innovative Digital Art from 1985

Artist Releases NFTs of Innovative Digital Art from 1985
Photo by Victor / Unsplash

Several years before the release of Adobe Photoshop, Alan Tibbetts produced three unique pieces of digital photos at the Lightspeed Computers in Boston in 1985. The proprietary graphics imaging software company was founded by an artist and entrepreneur, Francis Olshafskie, to use leading-edge photographers. Afterward, Alan made use of the software to develop arts with the new tools it came with, together with his own photographs and topical images he had collected from the print media.

At the time of the creation of the three digital images, not many artists in the industry were aware of the ground-breaking technology, except Andy Warhol, who at the time was making use of an Amiga computer to produce digital drawings. The inspiration for Alan’s images was derived from popular happenings of the time and included hostage-taking terrorists, popular cigarette advertisements, and a famine in Ethiopia. His work at the time was raw and rudimentary, given that the digital painting and editing tools were not common, and it was costly to borrow time on the computer.

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The storage for this new medium made us of Light Valve Technology via a film recorder to capture the virtual information on the direct positive slides. He then had each of the slides transformed into a single Cibachrome print at a local lab. Each of his three NFTs is made up of a high-resolution digital file of the photo together with Adobe Content Credentials, the original slide transparency, and the sole Cibachrome print measuring around 11x14”, signed, stamped, and stored in an archival container.

The three images on the NFT series are titled; Bomb Pop, Escape to Continue, and Alive with Pleas(ure) and have so far received only 12 bids on OpenSea with only two more days left.

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