Asia Broadband Ventures into NFTs in Bid to Continue Bringing the Stability of Gold into the Crypto Space in Innovative Ways

Asia Broadband Ventures into NFTs in Bid to Continue Bringing the Stability of Gold into the Crypto Space in Innovative Ways
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Asia Broadband, Inc. (OTC:AABB) continues to bridge the gap between the digital asset and gold space while also venturing into the NFT space.

The digital asset space is in wild fluctuation at the moment. Bitcoin, the most popular amongst its peers and the one the space looks to as a guide for how the space is performing, is down more than 50% from its all-time high seen only seven months ago.

With the negative impact of COVID, the Ukraine conflict, and the recent inflation hike, many investors are losing confidence and struggling to look to the future.  

Though the stock and investment world is looking somewhat bleak, diversification is an option for those looking to build a stable financial future.

With the digital asset market not performing as most would hope, investors can instead take this time to diversify their portfolios. Now is the time to look to other investment classes to help alleviate the stress caused by less favourable assets.

Though the introduction of digital assets nearly 15 years ago had a significant impact on the investment market, gold has remained a solid and stable choice when looking for an investment. Gold is one of the oldest forms of currency and remains the optimal solution for hedging inflation.

Asia Broadband: Connecting the Gold & Digital Asset Worlds

Asia Broadband, Inc. is the perfect vehicle for digital asset investors looking to diversify their portfolios. The company has mined gold and other precious metals for almost 20 years, making them experts in their field.

AABB is transitioning a significant part of its gold offering into the digital asset space. Though a well-established company involved in gold moving into the digital asset space seems like an odd move, with its experience, connections, and supply, it can provide something that no one else in the space can: a truly gold-pegged stablecoin.

With the company’s years of experience in gold and investing, these hybrid tokens act as the perfect solution for hedging against inflation. Due to this innovative approach, their token will surely change the way many think of stablecoins.

The pegged token, AABB Gold Token (AABBG), will allow Asia Broadband to take the historical stability of gold, wrap it up in digital assets, and provide a unique opportunity for investors looking for the best of both worlds. They have also created a digital asset wallet known as the AABB Wallet and a proprietary digital exchange called AABB Exchange. These additional features will support and increase the rate of adoption of AABBG.

Asia Broadband’s NFT Plans

Asia Broadband has recently announced plans to develop NFT platforms and galleries. Though they have yet to sign a definitive agreement, they plan to in the next few weeks; at that time, they will begin to expedite the implementation of their NFT business plan.

The Company has been planning the creation of multiple NFT marketplaces for unique digital content categories, including music, sports, and video media, for some time. Due to its rapid growth, they have heavily focused on developing opportunities within the NFT market. This next step is being done to expand the company’s offerings and place within the digital asset realm.

Through the use of the AABBG token, the company will have a distinct advantage as the token will allow NFT transactions to process efficiency within the marketplaces. Its already existing products and services, the AABB Wallet and AABB Exchange will also perfect mend into newly created NFT marketplace networks.

Asia Broadband’s extensive offerings in the digital asset space are wholly unique as no other company can provide the real gold supply that its tokens are pegged by.

By providing a more stable and secure investment within the digital asset space, which is currently in one of its most volatile states, confidence in the space could be regained.

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