Aurora Meta-Universe, 100% Community Driven and Community Built

Aurora is a new gaming metaverse based on the most efficient mechanisms that have been tested in other cryptocurrency projects. The native token AURORA is used on the platform, with a built-in deflationary mechanism. An own NFT-marketplace is being created for minting and trading NFTs, to which in-game items and all types of user-generated content will be pegged. Users get the opportunity to earn good money by playing games with greater motivation due to the Play-to-Earn model. In addition, users themselves will be able to participate in the development of new games, thanks to the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) mechanism. And developers who share the ideas of Aurora Dimension get an excellent opportunity to earn money on the platform by creating new games that are in demand in the market.

Hyper-deflationary native token

The economic model of Aurora is based on the native AURORA token, which runs on the BNB Chain (former Binance Smart Chain, BSC). BNB Chain is the most efficient Proof-of-Stake blockchain, surpassing Ethereum in bandwidth and scaling. Low fees and speed attract new projects on BNB Chain, which become popular in a short time due to the high performance of the network.

There was no pre-sale or private placement for a select few users, all users are completely equal in their desire to participate in the future of Aurora. There was the stealth launch with zero notification, with completely fair and equal opportunities for anyone who wants to join Aurora.

The utility token AURORA has many ways of use in the Aurora metaverse being created. This ensures the constant growth of the token rate. But beyond that, the hyper-deflationary model is in the nature of AURORA. Due to the burning part of the tokens, the price of the token will rise with time. Initial total supply is 10K Trillion AURORAs. Burnt supply differs from 15% as purchase deflation fee to 20% as selling deflation fee. The same model works on the BNB Chain for the native BNB token, it has led to a constant increase in its price. Using this winning model will create a sustainable economy for the Aurora Metaverse.

The AURORA token is also used in several important ways, making it a bridge to connect with real finance. AURORA will be used for mutual settlements in the metaverse, it will be used to pay for the work performed. It will also be used to pay for in-game items. In addition, it is the currency for purchasing the lands in the metaverse. As the practice shows, the sale of lands ensures the growth of the economy of the metaverse. This is also an important factor of the AURORA rate on exchanges.

Finally, AURORA is used to purchase NFTs on the built-in NFT marketplace.

Building game economy using NFT and P2E

NFTs have become the main way to monetize content and in-game items. Therefore, Aurora is creating its own marketplace where everyone can mint NFTs and trade them. Property rights that are significant in the metaverse are pegged to the NFT. With the NFTs creators can obtain ownership of output and get royalties. It is going about any kind of creative work including art, memes, music, in-game items etc. All of that kind will be minted on Aurora Marketplace at 2% fee. Creators can charge the NFT's worth to sell them. And buyers come on platform for free. NFTs pegged to important in-game items will rise in value, making them a good investment asset for users. A secondary market for NFTs will form, which will also strengthen the economy of the Aurora metaverse.

Play-to-Earn games is the new up-and-coming trend in the gaming industry, which is the main focus of the Aurora metaverse. Players earn money for the time spent in the game. Monetization of the gameplay is seamless thanks to the AURORA token. Also with the token players will get extra money by buying and selling game artifacts. P2E can be the main income of users, and with the help of an open and transparent DAO type manner of metaverse governance, players will be able to push the development of new games in the direction that they themselves consider the most profitable and interesting. Such a gaming universe will attract new users, because it will be created on the basis of market principles of sustainable development.

Opened publically for developers

Aurora metaverse is created using an open source approach, its development is governed by the community itself on the principles of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). This means that those users who are involved in the project by investing their own funds have a greater influence on the development. The openness of the project allows new developers from the BNB Chain developer community to join it. Their number is constantly increasing due to the popularity of BNB Chain. In Aurora metaverse, developers will be able to use their expertise without any restrictions, taking into account the wishes of users. Thus, the project will grow rapidly and become commercially successful. In fact, Aurora metaverse is 100% community driven and also community built platform.

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