Avalanche Dogs NFTs Set to be Launched on the AvalancheNetwork

Avalanche Dogs NFTs Set to be Launched on the AvalancheNetwork
Photo by Alvan Nee / Unsplash

According to a recent press release, one of the most anticipated NFT projects, Avalanche Dogs, is set to be launched this November. In consortium with Kalao; the highest-selling NFT platform on the Avalanche Network, Avalanche Dogs non-fungible token collectibles will arrive right after the launch of the Kalao platform and, per the aforementioned source, will be immediately available for trading after it is minted on the marketplace.

For 2.5 AVAX [$188.65 at the time of writing], a total of 10,000 unique NFTs will be released. In an unprecedented fashion, 10,000 AVAX tokens will be redistributed to the Avalanche community.

Built by the team behind Shibavax — Avalanche’s first community coin — Avalanche Dogs and this project will evolve together on the network. According to the team, 5,000 AVAX tokens will be used to buy back a certain percentage of $SHIBX which would, in turn, be redistributed to holders of 500 rare Avalanche Dogs NFTs. These NFT collectors will automatically receive $SHIBX in their wallets a few hours after the sale. With the prerequisites and eligibility conditions for this airdrop soon to be announced, this is part of the team's goal to jump on the emerging billion-dollar non-fungible token train that has taken the world by storm. That's not all.

For $SHIBX and NFT holders, there will be a 6% charge on every secondary market sale on Kalao, with 3% of the aforementioned percentage going to Avalanche Dogs holders while the other 3% will be used to buy back $SHIBX as well as add liquidity on the AVAX/SHIBX pair. Thanks to the integrated system, Avalanche Dogs and SHIBX token holders are bound to benefit immensely in the long run.

Unlike most of the other NFT artworks currently selling for millions of dollars on various marketplaces, Avalanche Dogs was created with special effort put into aesthetics. Working tirelessly for months with one of the most talented artists, some very neat and beautiful artworks have been created. Additionally, 50 of these NFTs will be animated.

Like CryptoPunks on the Ethereum network, the goal of the team behind this NFT is to become the biggest on the Avalanche Network — a feat it is working to achieve.

With NFTs gaining exponentially in interest and value since the start of the year, this nascent crypto trend has become an ideal way for artists to create, auction, and sell off their art without the need for an intermediary or third party. Leveraging the immense growth this trend has gained, the team behind this project is seeking to release a set of non-fungible tokens that will not only offer holders an opportunity to gather aesthetically pleasing artworks but will ensure that they get rewarded for simply holding both the NFTs and the $SHIBX token.

A community coin, Shibavax is governed by every member and not just a few people. A truly decentralized platform, these NFTs to be launched will set it on the path of global adoption, thereby increasing its chances of being the moonshot to disrupt the existing market by offering well-designed and appealing artworks. Besides this, Shibavax’s native token, $SHIBX is a “reflect token” which means that holders will earn a percentage of the token on each transaction that is executed. A 10% tax is redistributed between all Shibavax community members in a seamless and gasless manner, ensuring that they do not have to spend to get rewarded.

Offering token holders an alluring passive income source, Shibavax, through its partnership with Kalao, will launch a series of NFTs on November 9, 2021, at 20:00 UTC.

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